17 Side Hustles You Can Start During The 2022 Recession

  1. Become A Personal Trainer
    Personal trainers make anywhere between $20-40 per hour depending on where you live. If you have a gym membership, you can get paid to work out clients at the facility. If not, then you can start working out clients at home. There are many websites that offer free training sessions if you sign up for a trial period.
  2. Be A Dog Walker
    Dog walkers make anywhere between $10-$15 per hour walking dogs. All you need to do is find local dog owners who need someone to walk their pets while they’re away. Share similar interests with your clientele and offer discounts to those who bring their own dog.
  3. Become An Uber Driver
    Uber drivers make anywhere between $18-$25 per hour after expenses. You don’t need any experience driving before becoming an uber driver either. Just download the app, drive around town, and pick up passengers.
  4. Become A Tutor
    Tutors make anywhere between $10-30 per hour teaching others about anything. You can tutor students online via platforms like Skype or Google Hangouts. Or, you can teach people face-to-face.
  5. Become A Virtual Assistant
    Virtual assistants make anywhere between $12-$16 per hour helping businesses complete tasks. You can perform administrative duties, research projects, or help customers over the phone.
  6. Become A Life Coach
    Life coaches make anywhere between $50-$100 per hour helping individuals improve their lives. You can coach people on how to lose weight, quit smoking, or even become happier.
  7. Become A Yoga Instructor
    Yoga instructors make anywhere between $20-$35 per hour teaching yoga classes. You can teach private lessons or group classes.
  8. Graphic Design
    Graphic design is the art of visual communication. A graphic designer creates images, logos, advertisements, packaging, websites, etc.
  1. Boutique Marketing Agency
  2. YouTube
  3. TikTok Theme Pages
  4. YouTube Script Writer
  5. Coaching
  6. Banger Creation
  7. Gary’s Second Favorite
  8. Copywriter
  9. Sales
  10. Thumbnails
  11. Website Designer
  12. Affiliate Marketing
  13. AirBNB
  14. Upwork
  15. Moderator

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