A One Piece Villain Simply Put a Darkish Spin on Luffy’s Most Iconic Assault

Rob Lucci is one in every of One Piece’s most iconic villains and his newest devastating assault completely encapsulates why readers love him a lot.

Warning! Comprises spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1069!Rob Lucci has returned in One Piece‘s newest chapters with a devastating new method that reveals why he is without doubt one of the collection’ greatest villains. Sequence writer Eiichiro Oda is not any stranger to reusing outdated villains in later plots, which has led to a number of the manga’s greatest moments. Luffy and Lucci’s rematch struggle is shaping as much as be one in every of them.

Rob Lucci is without doubt one of the predominant antagonists within the Water 7 and Enies Foyer arcs, that are thought of by many followers to be the perfect arcs within the collection. Lucci is a fighter employed by the federal government to guide the key black ops crew CP9 (and later CP0, which is much more prestigious). Nonetheless, Luffy would not care about all that, he simply desires to get his friend Robin back, so the 2 conflict and Luffy manages to dig deep and defeat Lucci with an awesome barrage of Gum Gum pistol punches that he calls a Gum Gum gatling gun. Whereas Lucci has largely remained within the shadows since that struggle, the manga’s newest chapters have reintroduced him into the story.


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In Chapter 1069, Lucci and CP0 invade the futuristic island of Dr. Vegapunk they usually present they’re much stronger than they have been beforehand. Lucci has even managed to awaken his Satan Fruit capability, turning into a hulking however agile cat creature with black clouds shrouding his physique. He additionally manages to take down Vegapunk’s lackey Sentomaru, who was once considered a serious threat to One Piece’s Straw Hat crew. He does this utilizing a brand new method that he calls “Hand Pistol” which is a variation of each his earlier final assault the Six King Pistol, and Luffy’s varied pistol punch assaults.

Lucci is a Good Foil for Luffy, Which Makes Him Compelling

Lucci attacks Sentomaru with a Hand Pistol in One Piece

This new assault reveals a giant cause why Lucci is so well-loved by followers. In contrast to an extremely overpowered villain like Kaido, Lucci must consistently be capable to be taught and adapt to new combating strategies, or else the Pink Line would destroy him and his group. Hand Pistol can also be brutally violent, principally stabbing by its sufferer’s chest which is a testomony to Lucci’s ruthless nature. However most significantly it’s a reminder that Lucci and Luffy are darkish mirrors of one another. Lucci is a authorities agent in search of order and preservation of the established order, whereas Luffy is One Piece’s agent of chaos who actively tries to tear down unjust legal guidelines and rulers. Each have grown loads since being first launched, studying to awaken their Satan Fruits and hone their pistol assaults. And now they conflict once more for what often is the ultimate time.

Luffy and Lucci’s struggle is off to an epic begin and can seemingly solely get higher because it continues to develop. However essentially the most compelling a part of the struggle aren’t the person blows (though these blows are extremely cool) however the similarities between the combatants. And given how a lot One Piece likes to play with emotionally resonant parallels, Luffy and Lucci‘s fight might develop into among the finest within the collection to date.

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One Piece Chapter 1069 is out there to learn from Viz Media.

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