A One-Punch Man Hero Is Extra Twisted Than A Monster

A flashback in chapter #175 of One-Punch Man exhibits that, earlier than assembly Saitama, Fubuki was extra twisted and ruthless than the monster Psykos.

Warning: SPOILERS for chapter #175 of One-Punch Man

Fubuki, certainly one of One-Punch Man‘s hottest heroes has a darkish aspect that makes her extra twisted than any monster within the collection. A flashback detailing Fubuki’s previous relationship with Psykos exhibits that the Blizzard of Hell’s ruthless conduct made her even crueler than the longer term chief of the Monster Affiliation.

Fubuki is the sister of Tatsumaki, aka Twister of Terror, the highly effective and feared S-Class Rank 2 hero. Whereas Fubuki is far weaker than her sister, she made up for it by creating an unlimited group of underlings amongst B-Class heroes, the Fubuki group. Fubuki’s inferiority advanced in the direction of her sister led her to develop a cold-hearted and impressive persona. She secured her place as B-Class Rank 1 hero and maintained it with ruthless techniques, together with sending her underlings to beat up new heroes. Nonetheless, her fateful meeting with Saitama deeply modified Fubuki, inspiring her to beat her advanced and aspire to turn out to be a greater hero.


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A flashback in chapter #175 of One-Punch Man exhibits that earlier than assembly Saitama, Fubuki was even worse than what readers believed. Again in highschool, Fubuki was the president of a membership known as “Society for Supernatural Analysis”, with Psykos as her vice. When Psykos proposed an outrageous plan to exterminate “regular” people (which foreshadowed her future plans as the boss of the Monster Association), Fubuki determined to cease her and sealed her psychic powers away. Nonetheless, she didn’t do it out of goodwill. If Psykos’ plan succeeded, Fubuki would have been disadvantaged of the “losers” of the world, the inferior folks she needed to rule over after she surpassed her sister and stood on the prime.

With out Saitama, Fubuki Would Be Worse Than Any Monster


As Fubuki herself admits within the current, she was a totally self-centered particular person. Somewhat than caring in regards to the victims of Psykos’ plan, she solely considered how that may have an effect on her personal struggle for supremacy against her sister Tatsumaki. Even worse, she didn’t even attempt to persuade Psykos or another peaceable resolution, she simply went forward and messed together with her thoughts to lock her out of her powers. It is an extremely merciless factor to do, even to somebody as deranged as Psykos, and it simply exhibits how ruthless and cold-hearted Fubuki was, at the same time as a teen.

Over time, Fubuki’s heroic nature took over. She stays a charismatic chief, however she now cares extra in regards to the members of the Fubuki group. In the course of the battle in opposition to the Monster Affiliation, she confirmed selfless conduct greater than as soon as, to the purpose of even being prepared to sacrifice herself. This goes to show simply how much Saitama can inspire other people (even with out actively making an attempt to take action), as earlier than their assembly, Fubuki was a self-centered lady who might be extra merciless and ruthless than any monster in One-Punch Man.

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The newest chapter of One-Punch Man is offered via Viz Media.

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