A Returning Chainsaw Man Enemy can Clarify the Collection’ Central Thriller

Warning: SPOILERS for chapter #113 of Chainsaw Man

The return of the Eternity Satan in Chainsaw Man can lastly clarify the thriller of how and why the Devils eaten by Chainsaw Man are erased from reminiscence and existence. Throughout their first encounter, Chainsaw Man ate components of the physique of the Eternity Satan, who has nevertheless returned in Half 2 of the manga, proving that there’s nonetheless quite a bit that readers do not learn about this distinctive capability of Chainsaw Man.

The Chainsaw Satan and his hybrid fusion with the human Denji, Chainsaw Man, are among the many strongest Devils. Contemplating {that a} Satan’s energy is proportional to the concern that the idea he represents creates in people, it’s nonetheless unclear why the Chainsaw Devil is stronger than, for instance, the Management Satan, the Hell Satan, or the Conflict Satan. That is in all probability linked to a singular capability that the Chainsaw Satan shows: he is ready to eat different Devils, inflicting their title and the idea they characterize to fade from public consciousness whereas additionally erasing their bodily existence. This makes the Chainsaw Satan probably the most feared amongst Devils and presumably explains his energy. It’s nonetheless unclear, nevertheless, if this capability additionally extends to Denji’s hybrid form as Chainsaw Man.


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One in every of Denji’s earliest battles after becoming a member of the Public Security division as a Satan Hunter was in opposition to the Eternity Satan. This Satan has the distinctive energy to entice folks inside his abdomen, the place he creates a pocket actuality sealed from outdoors area the place time stops flowing. To flee, Denji needed to pressure the Eternity Satan into submission by hacking his physique to items for 3 days straight. To recuperate his stamina, Chainsaw Man consistently ate the flesh of the Eternity Satan to drink his blood, which has a regenerative impact, earlier than killing him ultimately. Nonetheless, in chapter #113 of Chainsaw Man, the Eternity Satan makes his return, trapping as soon as once more Denji inside his abdomen, together with Asa Mitaka, the host of the War Devil.

Chainsaw Man Wants To Clarify The Chainsaw Satan’s Most Mysterious Energy


The Eternity Satan’s return from Hell proves that both Denji doesn’t have the Chainsaw Satan’s energy of erasing different Devils whereas in his hybrid type, or that he must eat all the physique of a Satan to activate it. In any other case, the Eternity Satan ought to now be forgotten and unable to return. Nonetheless, this energy of the Chainsaw Satan is likely one of the most obtrusive plot holes in all the collection, as there are too many issues that merely don’t add up. The Four Horsemen are in some way capable of keep in mind the Devils erased by Chainsaw Man, so his energy isn’t absolute. Additionally, the Conflict Satan says that, after Chainsaw Man ate from her physique, she grew weaker, which is the explanation why there has not been a conflict on the earth for a very long time, however folks nonetheless keep in mind and perceive the idea of conflict. This appears to verify that Chainsaw Man wants to thoroughly devour a Satan to erase their existence, which might additionally clarify the return of the Eternity Satan.

Chainsaw Man is a collection with thrilling motion, darkish humor, and a deep psychological portrayal of characters. Nonetheless, it additionally has a singular lore that also hides a whole lot of mysteries. Chainsaw Man‘s energy to erase different Devils from existence is certainly one of these, and hopefully, the return of the Eternity Satan will give readers some new info to work with.

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The most recent chapter of Chainsaw Man is out there by way of Viz Media.

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