Alia Bhatt says her baby ‘kicked’ throughout her speech, Watch video here

Alia Bhatt was honoured with the Time100 Impact award in Singapore. Mom-to-be Alia Bhatt delivered an very impressive speech about being vulnerable and accepting her flaws. She also gave a shoutout with a broad smile to her unborn boby, who ‘kicked relentlessly’ during the entire speech of Bollywood actress. In her speech, Alia began by joking that she was feeling a ‘tiny bit of pressure’ to say something intelligent. “I think 10 years ago when I started working, all I thought was how I would take over the world one day. I wanted to be perfect and I wanted the whole world to know it,” said Bollywood actress in her speech. 

She also compared what she isn’t good at and what she can feel proud of by telling that. “Tonight, I want to take a moment with you all to celebrate my imperfections along with my strengths. For example, I’m terrible at the spelling. Like, really bad. But I know what to say to someone who’s vulnerable. I have no sense of geography, Zero. I don’t get directions. My general knowledge is widely known to be weak. But my emotional intelligence is something that I’ve worked really hard to cultivate. I have a tendency to be hard on myself with regards to my weight and appearance.”

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She thanked his family members and joked when talking about her baby, “tonight, this award has made an impact on me – me and my little one, who has relentlessly kicked me throughout this speech. Thank you so much.”

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