An Unlikely MHA Hero Just Made a Huge Sacrifice for Deku

One My Hero Academia hero took a potentially deadly hit all to save Deku, and that person is perhaps the one that a casual fan might least expect.

Warning: Spoilers for My Hero Academia Season 6, Episode 9Shigaraki’s new powers in My Hero Academia are getting a little too hard to handle, and as a result one hero has had to make a sacrifice to protect Deku, although it may be the last person fans would expect.

In episode 9, entitled “Katsuki Bakugo: Rising,” Shigaraki was able to disrupt Aizawa’s ability to use his Quirk with a combo of Quirk-deleting bullet (which was stopped) and just plain old scratching of the eyes. This left him free to use his deadly new abilities, but Deku came up with an ingenious plan to keep him suspended in the air by using the incorporeal Blackwhip, where he couldn’t touch anything to set off his Decay. Or at least, that’s how the plan was working, until All for One began to whisper into Shigaraki’s ear.


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As Endeavor grabs hold of Shigaraki and begins using his super move, the Prominence Burn, Shigaraki hears the voice of All for One, asking to borrow his body. Shigaraki’s body then sends out the beams of Rivet Stab, a Quirk which has essentially been All for One’s signature move, and which Shigaraki now has due to inheriting the All for One Quirk. He first uses it to get Endeavor off his back (literally), then attempts to attack Deku using the same technique. However, before the attack can make contact, Bakugo boosts himself up and knocks Deku out of the way, instead taking the hit and getting pierced through in several locations, where the episode ends.

Will Bakugo Survive?


Given that the episode started out with the resolution to last week’s intense Aizawa cliffhanger, it’s impressive that it was able to escalate even farther, with both Bakugo and Endeavor having sustained some serious injuries from this charred Shigaraki’s attack. Given the title of the episode, the focus is obviously on Bakugo and his sacrifice here, since he knowingly leapt into the attack while Endeavor was caught by surprise. As a major character, Bakugo’s death here seems unlikely, but there’s no telling what kind of lasting injuries he may be left with, especially after seeing how bad Aizawa’s injuries have been. The extent of Bakugo’s own injuries may depend on how fast Deku is able to wrap up this fight and get him to a healer, and given Shigaraki’s behavior so far, there’s no guarantee that this fight will be coming to a quick end.

No matter how it all wraps up, this sacrifice represents a major step for Bakugo in his quest to become a true hero, as a sacrifice like this is certainly one of the most heroic things one can do. It also goes to show that Bakugo’s hostility towards Deku is in large part an act; though he may never admit it, Bakugo does care about Deku. Everything comes down to the next episode of My Hero Academia, and fortunately there’s not long to wait.

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