Angelina Jolie accuses Brad Pitt of choking one of her son and hitting on face, Details Inside

Angelina Jolie: These days, there is a tremendous fight is seen between two famous Hollywood actors Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Both used to be the most popular couple in the industry at one point of time. But after a few years, there was a rift in their relationship and they separated. Till now, both had handled their separation very seriously. Ever since Brad Pitt has attacked Angelina in the matter related to French Vineyard. Many old quarrels of this couple are being exposed. Recently, details of a terrible fight that took place in 2016 have come to light, after which Brad is facing allegations of domestic violence.

These allegations against Brad Pitt

After the French Vineyard case, Angelina has counter suited Brad, in which she has told about that 2016 feud. In her counter-suit, Angelina has accused Brad of strangling one of their six children and hitting the other in the face during a fight. Angelina says that Brad raised his hand on her in anger.

How did the fight start?

Brad accused Angelina of selling a part of French Vineyard without permission. According to a CNN report, Angelina has told in a counter-suit why she had separated from Brad. According to this report, before coming to the airport, Brad had a heated argument with one of his six children, who were between the ages of 8 to 15 at that time.

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At the same time, after the quarrel, Angelina had reached Brad to know about the matter. Brad was furious at that time and attacked Angelina verbally. He told Angelina that she discriminates against children. Brad dragged Angelina to the toilet and shook her head in anger. Brad then grabbed Angelina’s shoulders and shook them and then slammed them on the bathroom wall.

Angelina’s injury

According to the counter-suit, Brad did not stop here, after which he swung towards his child and when Jolie tried to stop him by holding him from behind, Brad pushed Jolie, due to which the actress’s back and elbow were hurt. When the kids gathered together to save each other, Brad grabbed one by the throat and hit the other in the face.

Brad Pitt gave such a reaction to the allegations

At the same time, Brad has also given a reaction on this whole matter. According to Brad’s representative, all the allegations against him are false and they say that Angelina is trying to exaggerate the story every time but Brad has refused to take responsibility for all the allegations that he made.

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