Ankit Gupta Turns out to be a Flop Contestant of the Show. Know why?

Bigg Boss 16: In every season of Bigg Boss, Salman Khan’s Weekend Ka Vaar proves to be very difficult for the members present in the Bigg Boss house. They gets a chance to meet Salman Khan and their secrets also get revealed. In Shukrawaar Ka Vaar, Salman Khan also revealed the secrets of the contestants of Bigg Boss 16 and also told them the right way to play the game. Meanwhile, a task also took place in which the host of the show Salman Khan asked all the members of the house who are the flop contestant here?

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Most of the members of the house called Ankit a flop contestant. However, the reason for this is clear that Ankit is the most lethargic contestant in the Bigg Boss house. Neither he speaks to most of the people nor is he seen doing any entertainment in Bigg Boss house. That is why Salman also told him that apart from Priyanka, he should also show interest in the game.

Ankit and Priyanka are very old friends and their friendship is clearly visible in Bigg Boss house. But Priyanka seems to be involved in Bigg Boss house as much. Ankit doesn’t seem that much interested. At the beginning of the show, Priyanka had told the reason for this that Ankit is an ordinary person. But as everyone’s time in Bigg Boss house is increasing. It seems that Ankit is not much interested and that is why he is a flop contestant. That’s why he got that tag from most of the contestants.

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