As MC Stan breaks down, Abdu Rozik wipes his Tears. Watch Video

Bigg Boss 16

Bigg Boss 16: Fights and resentment are very common in the Bigg Boss 16 house. The condition of the house has deteriorated a lot since Shiv became the captain. The series of battles has started again in Bigg Boss 16. But one thing that has surprised everyone and that is MC Stan’s anger. Seeing Stan’s break down after Shiv becoming the captain of the house, it seemed to the family members that Stan got angry on the matter when Shiv told him work after being captain.

MC Stan is angry with all the family members since yesterday. There is a very close friendship between Gori Nagori, Shiv and MC Stan. That’s why Shiv felt that after becoming captain, I told Stan the work, that’s why he is angry with him. However, MC Stan did not reveal his displeasure to anyone. The cutest contestant of the house, Abdu Rozik also tried to make Stan calm down in his cute style but Abdu did not get that much success. Abdu was sitting with MC Stan in the garden area when Abdu started talking to MC Stan, “You are my brother. Tell me what happened? Missing home? Missing Bubba?” However, MC Stan did not answer any of the questions and later Abdu hugged MC Stan in a cute manner. It was very cute to see both of them like this.

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There is a very good friendship between MC Stan and Abdu which is being loved by the audience. However, after this, Abdu and Gori tried to make MC Stan calm down together but MC Stan still did not give the reason for the break down.

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