Beau Sabyasachi Chowdhury talks about Aindrila’s crisis period and constant battle; writes ‘Who says, miracles don’t happen?’

Tollywood and numerous fans across the state have been continuously praying for actress Aindrila Sharma’s recovery. She was in critical condition after suffering multiple cardiac arrests on Wednesday. Prayers have been pouring in for the 24-year-old actress who has been putting up a tough fight in the hospital against all odds. From celebs to her fans, all have been praying for Aindrila’s wellbeing. On Friday late night, Sabyasachi Chowdhury’s social media post brought a sigh of relief to many who have been constantly worried about Aindrila. In his post, beau Sabyasachi poured his heart out and spoke about the crisis Aindrila had faced, how her heartbeat dangerously dropped, doctors lost all hope and suggested her family to ‘let her go peacefully’ and finally the miracle he has witnessed. He didn’t forget to mention that Aindrila’s family never sought any financial help from anyone, neither they took any monetary assistance just like he didn’t miss thanking singer Arijit Singh, who brought a ray of positivity amid the ‘negative environment’.

Speaking about one of the most critical phases Sabyasachi wrote, “The day before yesterday, she suffered cardiac arrest, suddenly her heartbeat dropped to 40 and then there was a blank line on the monitor, everyone was crying while the doctors where rushing to her help. Due to medical assistance, her heart rate came back to 120. But suddenly, her heartbeat gradually started decreasing, so was her respiratory rate and blood pressure as if someone kept the sand clock upside down.” He also revealed how a neuro surgeon, who was specially brought from another hospital for Aindrila’s treatment, had lost all hopes.

“The hospital brought a neuro surgeon for a final attempt, who said- she left us long ago-
why are you keeping her like this. Within tomorrow, things will go worse. Let her go peacefully,” Sabyasachi revealed. Things took a different turn when the rumours regarding the actress’ health started floating around. Social media was flooded with posts regarding Aindrila. Sabyasachi and Aindrila’s family were flooded with phones enquiring about the actress’ condition. Finally, Sabyasachi had to make a social media post to announce that the actress is still giving a tough fight while actor Sourav Das pleaded everyone not the spread rumours.

Next day, her condition further deteriorated. The actress had swollen feet and face too had got swollen. “Those words uttered by the doctor was still resonating in my mind. I was feeling guilty for keeping her like this. At certain point of time, I told her mom that I can’t bear her pain and we should have let her go. But then again, it isn’t easy to let go,” Sabyasachi narrated. But a ‘miracle’, just like the actor, her family and numerous other people had hoped for, finally happened. “It was approximately 8 pm and I was downstairs, in a gloomy mood, Oindrila shook her hand. I rushed to her and saw her heartbeat is 91 and blood pressure shot up to 130/80. Who says miracle doesn’t happen?” he wrote.

In his long post, Sabyasachi expressed his gratitude to everyone who have been praying for the actress just like he didn’t forget to indirectly slam actor Ritwick Chakraborty for one of his recent post which became controversial and the latter had to explain his side.

He also clarified that Aindrila’s family has been taking care of the medical expenses and never sought any financial assistance from anyone. Neither they took any financial help from anyone. Proving the recent reports of singer Arijit Singh extending support to the actress true, Sabyasachi shared that the Bollywood singer has brought positivity amid all the ‘negativity’ they have been dealing with. “In last two days, the person who brought a ray of light by sharing some very important information and with whom I can discuss about the treatment almost entire day is, Arijit Singh.”

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Actress Aindrila, who defeated cancer twice and set an example with her fighting spirit and passion for work, was hospitalised on November 1. She suffered a brain stroke.

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