Bigg Boss 16: Archana Gautam age shames Sajid Khan and says, ‘Budhape mein aaya kyun jab BP ka problem hai’

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 16, Sajid Khan’s revenge on Archana Gautam sleeping and not doing her duties, grabbed a lot of attention.

The episode begins with Archana not listening to captain Sajid’s orders. Nimrit is seen telling that Archana cooks with dedication for two days and then she begins her drama. Sajid tells Nimrit to check on her if she is feeling good else take action against her.

While we had previously reported how Sajid made other contestants throw Archana’s clothes in the jail. Archana later reacts to it and complaints to Bigg Boss that she has clothes for promotion and who will take responsibility if monkeys come and destroy the outfits.

Later in the episode, Archana goes on to ask Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, Shiv Thakare and MC Stan, “Who opened my bag and kept them out? I want to know so that if Salman Khan Sir asks me in Weekend Ka Vaar, I should be able to say.” MC Stan replies, “Salman Sir will tell you.”

Shiv taunts her saying, “Jao footage dekh lo ladki.” Archana responds, “I want to know yeh ashleel harkatein kisne ki hai.” Shiv asks her to look at the mirror and she will get to know.

Sajid tells Shiv to control himself and not get involved in a fight with Archana. He also tells others that if Archana wants to pick a fight with him, he is ready to take on. Sajid says, “She is living like a Mem saab and thinks rest are her helpers. If she wants to fight let her bring it on.”

Archana goes to the room and Soundarya asks her to calm down as everyone is ready to fight with her. Archana replies, “This is happening for the 3rd or fourth time, if I don’t pick it up now, then they will take me for granted.” She further age shames Sajid in front of Soundarya and talks about Sajid. She tells her, “Aaaya kyu budhape me Bigg Boss, jab BP ka problem hai. Jawano ka show hai Bigg Boss budhape me kyu aaya Bigg Boss.” (Why did he come to Bigg Boss at old age. He has problem with his blood pressure. This show is for youngsters, why is an old man like him in the show?)

For the unversed, Sajid needed medical attention in the previous episode and told the doctors that his BP is high because of the girl (Archana).

Stay tuned for more updates from the show.

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