Bigg Boss 16: Housemates Call Gori Nagori ‘Gawar n Jahil’, Mc Stan takes her stand, Watch the New Promo

Bigg Boss 16: This season of Bigg Boss is turning out to be a Roller Coaster ride with the constant fight and rivalry between the housemates, emergence of new love triangles and most importantly new groups in the house. While the house seems to be divided into two groups with Shalin, Tina, Gautam, Soundarya, Sumbul and Sreejita De in one and the rest of the housemates in the other group. Meanwhile in the latest promo we saw a major argument that happened between Sumbul, Sreejita and Gori Nagori .
With The Haryanvi Dancer Being called Classless and standard less by the two of them. This word later created a Ruckus in the house with housemates like MC Stan and Priyanka taking Gori’s side and not liking the fact the people Call her ‘Gawar’ and standard less just because she comes from a village.

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Watch the latest Promo of Bigg Boss 16

Cat fight in the Bigg Boss House!

The exact reason to why this fight started is still not clear from the promo, but all we know so far is that the fight first started between Sumbul and Gori. Later, things heated up and Sreejita also started talking about her attitude and called her ‘Standard less’. This particular word fumed the argument, and Mc started shouting at the others and said, “agar yeh village sa aati hai, toh Tum ussa gawar Aur Aasa bologa?”

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Later Priyanka also goes on to say, “Agar English Nahi aati, Iska yeh Matlab Nahi ki voh Gawar hai”
Later Bigg Boss called Gautam into the confession room and asks him to nominate some of the contestants, keeping this fight and people’s words in mind.

In this promo, we saw a completely different version of MC Stan and Gori Nagori. It would be interesting to see their take on things from now on.

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