Bigg Boss 16: Shalin Bhanot expresses his wish to voluntarily exit the show; accuses Tina Datta of using him like a ’tissue paper’

The latest episode of Bigg Boss 16 was all about drama and action. The heat is on after Shalin Bhanot and MC Stan’s fight.

There is also a visible rift between Shalin and Tina Datta. In the previous episode, Tina and Sumbul had a major fight over Shalin. Overall, it’s been a chaos inside the house with each housemate having their own opinion over the fights.

Amidst all of this, Bigg Boss calls Shalin, Tina and MC Stan in the confession room. Bigg Boss wants them to clear out and even he gives a clearer picture of who was wrong. Since the fight broke out between Shalin and Stan after she got injured, BB wants to know from her about who she thinks was wrong.

Several disagreements happen between Tina and Shalin in the confession room as well, while MC Stan shares that Shalin abused his parents. Tina tells BB that both were at fault but MC Stan was a bit more aggressive. Shalin gets upset as Tina doesn’t express her wish to get MC Stan punished or evicted from the house. Tina and Shalin even have a heated argument inside the confession room as she doesn’t choose sides.

As Tina and Stan leave the room, Shalin expresses his wish to voluntarily exit the show. BB asks him if he knows what he means and the penalty he needs to pay. Shalin shares he is aware of the exit clauses an ready to bear all the brunt.

Outside, Tina is seen telling Nimrit that Shalin has his businesses and it isn’t a big deal if he leaves. She tells Nimrit, “Why did he even come? He is not in need of money. He has his businesses. He must have come for some reason.” After Shalin comes out Priyanka and Ankit don’t leave his side and insist on knowing what happened inside. Bigg Boss once again calls Shalin inside and asks him to not share anything with the housemates who were aggressively provoking the matter.

BB announces Shalin’s decision and shares that Salman Khan will come in Weekend Ka Vaar and take the final call. Hearing BB’s decision, Tina tells Nimrit, “What are you doing Shalin? You are in the wrong influence. Don’t trust Priyanka.”

Shalin talks to Gautam and shares that he has always considered him to be a friend but he is amazed to see Tina as he didn’t side her. He shares, “That woman used me like a tissue paper. I don’t ever want to see her face. What a player. She is meant for the show. I gave her my heart and soul. Nothing could have affected me so much. She played and don’t ever trust her.”

He breaks down in front of Sumbul and Gautam and they calm them down. Sumbul tells Shalin not to leave now and give it back to everyone.

Nimrit manages to stop Shalin so that he and Tina can have a conversation as Sumbul is not ready to leave Shalin’s side. Tina tries her best to convince Shalin but he keeps accusing her of using him like a tissue paper and calls her a player. Tina tells in front of the camera to not let Shalin leave and if he leaves she will sit like furniture in the house and will be forced to get evicted.

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