Bigg Boss 16: Shalin Bhanot pushes Archana Gautam! Will He be Eliminated from the show?

Bigg Boss 16: The first week of Bigg Boss 16 turned out to be filled with a lot of ups and downs with the Episodes filled with emotions, fun elements, Catfights and what not!
While In the ‘weekend ka vaar’ episode, the host of the show that is Salman Khan himself entered the show and not only had a conversation with the contestants but also had a grand dinner with some of the Housemates.
Meanwhile, the promo for the next episode is out. At the beginning of the promo, it is quite evident that the next captaincy task is going be between Gautam Vig and Shiv Thakare. In order to support Gautam, Shalin ends up pushing Archana Gautam and this leads to a chaos in the house. With housemates demanding the eviction of Shalin Bhanot!

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Watch the latest Promo of Bigg Boss 16

Shalin Bhanot to be out from the show?

From the promo, you can make out that a new captaincy task is going on, and the top two contenders are Shiv Thakare and Gautam Vig. In this, both of them have to hold a basket on their head and every housemate Has to offer their support to their favourite contestant by filling their basket with heavy stuff. While whosoever falls first, loses the task.
Where Shalin being Gautam’s friend, is seen offering his support to him. But in the process, he gets really aggressive and pushes Archana with a suitcase, who is trying to support Shiv.

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As Archana gets hurt, she loses her calm and demands eviction of Shalin Bhanot for charging at her.
Even Sajid Khan supports her and takes off his Mic.
Now what will be Bigg Boss’s decision, would be something interesting to watch.
Will Shalin Bhanot be eliminated from the house at such an early stage? Well, the next episode will clear everything.

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