Bigg Boss 16 weekend ka Vaar: Salman Khan discovers Gori Nagori’s special talent ‘Aao Behan Chugli karen’

Bigg Boss 16 weekend ka Vaar: It was during the premier episode when ‘Haryana ki Shakira’, that is Gori Nagori told Salman khan that she is not just a good dancer but also excels in doing Chugli’s and gossips. And that is something she is going to do in the house as well.
And how in the seasons first ‘Weekend ka vaar’ episode, the ‘Dabangg’ actor not only appreciated Gori for her dance moves but also asked to why she is not showcasing that ‘hidden talent’ in the house which is- “Chugli karna”. To this she replies that is slowly and steadily going to show this talent to the housemates. Later, Salman Khan calls her on stage And asks her to whisper some hot gossip (‘Chugli’ to be precise) in his ears.

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Witness Gori Nagori’s Hidden Talent!

When Salman Khan asks gori to whisper something out of the box (Chugli) element about another contestant. To this, Gori Nagori goes up to him and first whispers in his ears that, “Nobody likes me in the house.”Then she goes on to say, “Nobody talks to me in the house” and in the last she says, “Everyone in the house is playing their game.”As soon as Salman khan revealed to what Gori Nagori said in his ears, all the housemates denied these claims.Later Salman Khan went on to say if nobody Likes you in the house, then do make them like you and that’s the only option you have!
Gori then went on to say that now she is trying to create a bond with each and every housemate. But then there are some who just ignore her. Meanwhile in the initial episode, she had said how the housemates do not speak to her as doesn’t know English and is not as ‘classy’ as them.

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Later she also has a dance dance off with Sumbul Touqeer and goes on to win that
Competition with all the housemates giving her the maximum amount of love.

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