Bigg Boss 16: Why did Tina Datta Betray Abdu Rozik?

Bigg Boss 16: The current season of Bigg Boss is slowly gaining popularity with each coming episode. But there is one contestant which is receiving the maximum amount of Love, and that is none other than the singer from Tajikistan, Abdu Rozik. Viewers are not only adoring his cuteness but also love his innocence on the whole.

Where Abdu does have a pretty good relationship with every housemate and is liked by all. But what caught people’s attention was his bond and in length of conversations with Tina Datta. She is someone who has always expressed her love towards the social media sensation and expressed on how she loves Abdu and wouldn’t mind dating him. But later when a task came up in which Tina had to offer her support to Him (in a game) she chooses Mc Stan instead.
After seeing this, fans think that Tina betrayed Abdu and called her Fake!

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Face-off between Abdu and MC Stan

A few days back, Big Boss gave a special task to Mc Stan and Abdu Rozik, where the other housemates had to make a choice between the two and further make a reel with any one of them (after offering their support to one of them and signing a NOC).
While in the end, MC Stan appeared as a clear winner, but what the viewers especially did not appreciate is Tina Datta offering her support to Mc Stan and not Abdu. According to the viewers, Tina has always said that she is really close to him, but still when it came to doing something for him, she failed.

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Meanwhile Abdu did not react but to this, even after losing this task!From the beginning viewers thought that something good can happen between Tina and Abdu, but that doesn’t really seem to occur now.

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