Bigg Boss Marathi 4: Two contestants to bid adieu to the house on Weekend Chavadi

In the recent episode of Bigg Boss Marathi 4, Bigg Boss asked nominated contestants Kiran Mane, Yashashri Masurkar, Amruta Dhongade, Amruta Deshmukh, Prasad Jawade and Tejaswini Lonari to sit in the living area together.

Bigg Boss informed all housemates that there will be a shocking surprise on the weekend Chavadi. Bigg Boss told everyone that two contestants among the nominated contestants will bid adieu to the house on Sunday. Bigg Boss also said that the two contestants have to leave the house carrying their nameplates and those two nameplates will not be seen in the house from Monday.

Kiran Mane, Tejaswini, and Amruta Dhongade hugged each other and said that if they will get evicted they will bid adieu to the house with a happy faces.

Kiran Mane also alerted his best friend Vikas Sawant to play the game with mind and said that if he will get evicted, he has to try his best and not join hands with Apurva Nemlekar no matter what.

Who will be the two nominated contestants who will bid adieu to the house? Who will get evicted this week? Who will say goodbye to the house of Bigg Boss Marathi 4? The questions will be answered soon.

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