Bleach is Bringing Again a Traditional Enemy to Face its New Villains

Warning: Spoilers for Bleach: The Thousand-12 months Blood Struggle Episode 8The Soul Society has been decimated from the Quincy’s assault in Bleach, they usually’ll need assistance in the event that they’re to defeat the Quincy’s Yhwach and his band. There aren’t many choices in terms of new allies, although, and the primary to enroll is without doubt one of the final Ichigo would count on.

With the Quincy having retreated in the interim, it has been a busy time recovering within the Soul Society. The subsequent assault may come at any time, so readiness is essential, however the Soul Reapers are actually so shorthanded that it is already turning into a problem. Luckily, the Soul Reapers aren’t the one ones that the Quincy have been brutally attacking–there’s additionally Bleach’s past villains, the Arrancar.


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Within the episode, whereas talking with Squad Zero, Kon seems with a holographic challenge rising from his head, permitting for a video name with Kisuke Urahara, Orihime, and Sado, who had been final seen nonetheless in Hueco Mundo. As they commerce info and rejoice at one another’s (relative) security, a fourth individual’s voice is heard. That individual then begins to open the flap of the tent that the three are inside, and for a short second, a torso with a Hole gap in its abdomen might be seen. He then acknowledges that they are speaking to Ichigo and calls for to talk with him, whereas Ichigo acknowledges the voice instantly. Orihime and Sado maintain the Arrancar out of sight, lest Bleach’s other Soul Reapers be sad to see them working collectively.

Grimmjow is Again


Based mostly on the voice and the positioning of the Hole gap, the Arrancar in query is none aside from Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez. Grimmjow first appeared through the Hueco Mundo arc, like most Arrancar, and developed a specific rivalry with Ichigo. Grimmjow was as soon as Espada #6, one in all Aizen’s high lieutenants, however had little in the way in which of loyalty in direction of Aizen, unlike others such as Ulquiorra. Ichigo truly saved Grimmjow’s life, as one of many different Espada tried to kill him for dropping till Ichigo intervened, so his cause for serving to could also be that he looks like he has a debt to repay. Grimmjow is definitely a strong fighter, so his help might be beneficial, though it stays to be seen if he is solely providing his personal help or if this is likely to be an indication that extra Arrancar are prepared to assist them. In spite of everything, they do have a typical enemy now, and if Yhwach is profitable, each the Hollows of Hueco Mundo and the Soul Society will stop to exist. Whereas the Soul Reaper Captains might have reservations about teaming up with Arrancar, on the very least Ichigo’s pals might be prepared to work with them.

The return of a former-rival-turned-ally is a superb piece of continuity that is positive to thrill some Bleach followers, who have not seen the favored Grimmjow on display screen in over a decade.

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New episodes of Bleach: The Thousand-12 months Blood Struggle are presently streaming on Mondays through Hulu.

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