Bleach Formally Reveals the Soul Reapers’ New Head Captain

In want of recent management after the Quincy assault, Bleach’s Soul Reapers lastly have their new head captain, and he is a well-recognized face.

Warning: Spoilers for Bleach: The Thousand-12 months Blood Struggle Episode 9It has been a tough time for the Soul Society in Bleach; the Quincy assault killed 1000’s of lower-ranked Soul Reapers, in addition to their Head Captain and his lieutenant. A number of of Bleach’s captains were left without their Bankai, whereas others like Renji and Rukia have been injured so badly that they needed to be taken elsewhere to recuperate. Now, the Soul Society is lastly beginning to construct again, and the primary transfer was to nominate a brand new Head Captain.


As befitting his place as their chief, Head Captain Yamamoto set out to find and defeat the Quincy’s chief Yhwach when the assault started. Whereas he was capable of kill two high-ranked Quincy, a deceitful trick left him exhausted and uncovered, making him a simple kill for the true Yhwach. Ichigo, sadly, arrived too late to assist Yamamoto, however he did preserve Yhwach busy for lengthy sufficient that the Quincy have been compelled to retreat. The Soul Reapers have been left to lick their wounds and attempt to rally what remained of their forces earlier than one other assault might start.

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In episode 9, Captain of Squad 8, Shunsui Kyoraku, is known as earlier than the Soul Society’s governing physique, generally known as the Central 46, the place he’s promoted to Head Captain, and as such, the Captain of Squad 1 as properly. He requests to be allowed to maintain his earlier lieutenant, Nanao Ise, along with the top-ranked member of Squad 1, Genshiro Okikiba. Kyoraku is an effective alternative for Head Captain; when the opposite captains have been assembled within the halls of the Seireitei and arguing over what to do subsequent, it was Kyoraku who chided them for his or her conduct and received the extra unruly captains again in line. Although he is not the oldest of the remaining captains, he is among the most skilled, as Kyoraku knew Yamamoto again when he was nonetheless only a boy. Kyoraku’s first act as Head Captain is to get permission for Kenpachi Zaraki to bear some intensive coaching to develop his connection with his Zanpakuto.

Head Captain Kyoraku Should Lead By way of A Disaster


Whereas being promoted to Head Captain is definitely an honor, the circumstances make it tough for Kyoraku to take any pleasure on this. He appears stunned to have been chosen, however there actually is not one other candidate higher suited, since Ukitake’s well being is frail and Unohana (as chief of the therapeutic squad) does not sometimes struggle. Captain Kyoraku would usually quite keep away from a struggle than have interaction in a single, however that is a high quality that makes him a greater leader–someone like Zaraki, who’s far too desperate to struggle, would solely trigger additional issues have been he in cost. Kyoraku additionally has a relaxed and relaxed nature that may put these underneath his management extra relaxed, one other useful trait.

In fact, having the traits to guide and truly main are two various things, so it stays to be seen how Head Captain Kyoraku will shape the path forward in Bleach. If anybody can lead them out of this disaster, it must be him.

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New Episodes of Bleach: The Thousand-12 months Blood Struggle are at present premiering on Mondays by way of Hulu.

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