One-Punch Man Introduces Saitama’s New, Mysterious Enemies

Warning: SPOILERS for One-Punch Man chapter #175 The One-Punch Man manga has once again shaken up its readers’ expectations, introducing a brand-new enemy for the protagonist Saitama. Tsukuyomi is the name of a mysterious association of espers (people with psychic abilities) that is now on a collision course with everyone’s favorite bald hero. One-Punch Man‘s … Read more

Stone Ocean’s Finale Avoids a Legal Nightmare

Warning: Spoilers for the JJBA: Stone Ocean episodes 25-26One Stone Ocean arc has had Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure fans worried as to how it would be adapted due to countless references and mentions of copyrighted characters, and now that the episodes are released, it’s clear exactly how they managed to avoid getting into legal trouble: by … Read more

The Best One Piece Films So Far

Warning: Contains spoilers for One Piece Film: Red.The One Piece franchise has stretched into a lot of different forms of media over the past 25 years, and that includes having a long-running collection of movies. The first three movies in the franchise were short films presented as double features with other franchises at anime fairs, … Read more

Shonen Jump Just Crushed One Hero’s Dreams in a Shocking Turn

The Shonen Jump manga PPPPPP just broke away from typical Shonen story tropes by tragically and irrevocably crushing its protagonist’s dreams. Warning! Contains spoilers for PPPPPP Chapter 59! Most Shonen Jump series feature an upbeat protagonist who strives to accomplish a grand dream, but PPPPPP just used this trope to deliver a shockingly tragic blow … Read more

Only One Kakegurui Game Cheat Actually Makes No Sense

Kakegurui is known for having elaborate games and even more elaborate cheats from the Student Council. However, one game’s cheat makes zero sense. Out of all the games played in the hit gambling series Kakegurui, only one of their players’ cheats makes zero sense. Kakegurui is a series that’s built around gambling. Behind the doors … Read more