Chainsaw Man Is not Shonen Leap’s Finest Noticed-Primarily based Hero

Whereas Chainsaw Man’s Denji is Shonen Leap’s most iconic character who makes use of saws in battle, Sakamoto Days’s Osaragi is a lot better at wielding them.

Warning! Comprises spoilers for Sakamoto Days Chapter 98!Though Chainsaw Man could also be Shonen Jump‘s most iconic hero who makes use of saws in fight, there’s a character from one other manga that’s truly a lot better at it than Denji. That manga is Sakamoto Days by Yuto Suzuki, which follows the retired hitman Sakamoto as he should rejoin the world of assassins to defeat a brand new menace. Nonetheless, the saw-based character in that sequence is not Sakamoto himself however one other extremely highly effective murderer.


Essentially the most highly effective fighters within the Japanese Affiliation of Assassins (also called the JAA) are contained in a particular group referred to as the Order. Every member of the order has their very own quirky combating model and character, making them some of Sakamoto Days‘ best characters. One Order member particularly, Osaragi, has gotten extra web page time than most. She is a soft-spoken lady with an outfit that resembles a marriage costume who makes use of a round buzzsaw in fight. In the newest chapter, she reveals that she will be able to use this weapon in some extremely inventive methods.

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Chapter 98 contains a brutal combat between Osaragi and an enemy murderer dressed as a geisha. Their battle permits Osaragi to point out the complete vary of makes use of for her weapons. She will be able to use it defensively to dam enemy bullets and blows, however she will be able to additionally throw it on the enemy to strike at a distance. She will be able to then use the wire connected to her weapon to drag the noticed again to her. This makes Osaragi’s saw a brutal ranged attack in Sakomoto Days. She will be able to additionally use this wire to lasso her enemy after which use the rotation of her noticed to reel them nearer to her like a fish on a line. The combat additionally exhibits extra of her assassination philosophy, preferring to cover her kills in order to not disturb the general public.

Osaragi’s Prowess and Philosophy Make Her Extra Heroic Than Denji

Osaragi kills a geisha in Sakamoto Days

All this makes the chapter an awesome showcase for Osaragi and demonstrates why she is a greater noticed based mostly villain than Denji. Whereas Denji does use some inventive assaults along with his Chainsaw powers, he prefers to make use of the brute pressure technique of hacking at an enemy till they’re lifeless. Osaragi then again takes benefit of each a part of her noticed, utilizing it in extremely inventive and devastating assaults that allow her to adapt to any fight state of affairs. Osaragi’s fight philosophy can be more typically heroic than Denji’s, placing the well-being of the general public over private comfort. Denji then again is keen to make his fights main spectacles with tons of collateral harm.

In fact, Denji works completely because the protagonist of Chainsaw Man since that story is basically a deconstruction of a typical Shonen manga. However when it comes to each combating prowess and heroism, Osaragi has him beat. So whereas Denji is a superb character for Chainsaw Man, the title of Shonen Leap‘s greatest saw-based fighter ought to belong to Sakamoto Days‘ Osaragi.

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Sakamoto Days Chapter 98 is on the market to learn from Viz Media.

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