Chainsaw Man’s Anime Makes Denji More Powerful Than The Manga

Episode seven of the Chainsaw Man anime disproves what many fans believed was the reason why Denji fought the way he did in chapter 109 of the manga.

Warning: Spoilers for Chainsaw Man episode 7 and chapter 109The latest episode of Chainsaw Man just reminded readers of Denji’s true powers and capabilities after the manga recently brushed them aside.

In the manga, the main driving force behind everything that Denji does comes from a desire to get girls to understand he’s Chainsaw Man, and one of the many unique powers of his most recent opponent has put this motivation front and center in a way that also provides a fresh perspective on his fighting capabilities. But this has, in turn, unfortunately overshadowed the defining characteristic of how Denji fights, which the anime has luckily put the focus back on by honing on what really makes Denji’s Chainsaw Man form so intimidating.


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In episode seven of the anime, Denji engages in a heavily one-sided battle against the Eternity Devil since there’s no way for Denji to actually kill him unless his opponent willingly offers up its heart to him and because Denji can only continue battling so long as he keeps on devouring the devil’s blood to keep his chainsaws revving. (It’s this reason why this Chainsaw Man fight lasts for three days.) Despite these odds, Denji is having the time of his life, and as he laughs maniacally like a madman, a veteran devil hunter named Himeno realizes that Denji’s craziness makes it impossible for devils to predict his movements while devils normally have an easy time battling human devil hunters because they just exploit their fears.

Chainsaw Man’s Anime Restores Denji’s Manga Powers

Himeno watches Deni fight the Eternity Devil in Chainsaw Man episode 7

The manga recently forgot about Denji’s erratic fighting style. When battling a girl named Yuko who has been telepathic ever since she contracted with the Justice Devil, Denji’s movements, however, are unreadable because all he can think about is how he can naturally expose his identity as Chainsaw Man to girls. Because of this, Yuko can’t predict what Denji will do and loses. While this shows how obsessed Denji is about getting a girl, it minimizes the scene’s potential.

The fact that Yuko could read Denji’s mind is crucial because it had the potential of providing additional insights regarding how Denji fights. For example, another way of looking at Denji’s one-track mind is that he’s able to fight without thinking. What does that say about how his combat intuition, for example? Yuko’s telepathy literally proves that he isn’t thinking of the battle like when and how he’ll attack or dodge. But because Denji’s obsession has been the main focus for so long in the manga, all other theories were just automatically brushed aside. But now, this latest anime episode has reminded readers that Denji is truly erratic and unpredictable even to devils, proving that what Yuko was able to read (and not read) is actually much deeper than most fans believed at the time.

Yes, Denji is obsessed with girls, and it’s expected that this obsession would distract him even in battle. But what’s equally important about him is that he has a few screws loose in his head. This is what makes Denji Denji Chainsaw Man’s perfect devil hunter. It’s hilarious that all Denji can think about is how he can expose his double identity even though his life is in danger. But it’s also indicative of the fighting prowess that make Denji a devil’s worst nightmare in Chainsaw Man.

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