Chainsaw Man’s New Villain Ties Into The Series’ Biggest Mystery

There is a second Chainsaw Devil hybrid in Chainsaw Man, and his introduction will finally explain all the mysteries behind the series’ devil hybrids.

Warning: SPOILERS for chapter #112 of Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man has a new villain who appears connected to one of the series’ biggest mysteries: devil hybrids. Haruka Iseumi is the president of the Devil Hunter Club, and also apparently a new Chainsaw Devil hybrid, just like the manga’s protagonist, Denji.

Hybrids are one of the most mysterious features in Chainsaw Man. They are humans who have the ability to take on the form of a Devil after a fusion between the two. The only known methods of becoming a hybrid are through a contract or surgical transplants, but both procedures remain shrouded in mystery. Denji is the only example where the origins of a hybrid were clearly shown: the boy came back to life after being brutally torn to pieces through a contract with the Chainsaw Devil, Pochita. The other hybrids that appeared in the series are collectively known as Weapon Humans because they were all created using weapon Devils, but there is very little information on them, including how they could survive after being devoured by Chainsaw Man.


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One of the ironclad rules of the Chainsaw Man world is that each Devil is unique. Each one has a name that correlates to a concept that humans fear, and two of the same Devil cannot exist. However, chapter #112 of Chainsaw Man shows that this may not be the case after all. After the appearance of a second Chainsaw Man was teased at the end of the previous chapter, this is outright confirmed by the introduction of Haruka Iseumi, the president of the Devil Hunter Club, and of the student council in the school that Denji attends. Iseumi approaches Asa Mitaka after her fight with the Justice Devil to recruit her into the Devil Hunter Club. After she questions him regarding Chainsaw Man, Iseumi easily confesses his secret identity, even showing her a chainsaw cord popping out of his chest, identical to the one that Denji has.

The Second Chainsaw Man Could Explain The Mystery Of Devil Hybrids


In theory, because Denji is already the Chainsaw Devil hybrid, there should not possibly be another one. However, devil hybrids are still one of the biggest mysteries in the series. It’s unclear why exactly a Devil should accept to become a hybrid through a contract, considering that the human retains all his faculties and control of the body. In Denji’s case, it was Pochita’s unique affection towards him that motivated the decision. The Katana Man, on the other hand, transformed into a hybrid by having the heart of the Katana Devil transplanted into him, but it’s unclear if the Devil agreed to this procedure or not. If it’s possible to “force” a Devil to become a hybrid, then Iseumi could have had a piece of Pochita implanted into him, which would explain the existence of a second Chainsaw Man.

In fact, during Part 1 of the manga, Denji used a similar trick twice, taking out a piece of Pochita and making it transform into a fully grown Chainsaw Man, so this theory has some support. However, the truth is that there is simply not enough information on devil hybrids yet. The introduction of Haruka Iseumi, who appears to be a second Chainsaw Man, will hopefully shed light on this big mystery of the series.

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The latest chapter of Chainsaw Man is available through Viz Media.

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