Cowboy Bebop’s World Had Scientifically Correct Aliens All Alongside

Cowboy Bebop is pretty grounded for a sci-fi collection set in-house, nevertheless, it could not assist itself from together with some aliens in essentially the most correct manner.


Regardless of being a sci-fi present set in-house, Cowboy Bebop has at all times been praised for its grounded, lifelike portrayal, with a space-based journey nonetheless restricted to the photo voltaic system and hyperspace tech that does not appear to go quicker than mild. However, probably the most surprisingly lifelike point of Cowboy Bebop‘s setting is the way it used aliens.

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Within the episode “Gateway Shuffle,” which by the way offers close with these Cowboy Bebop’s famous spaceships and hyperspace gates, it is established that an ecoterrorist named Twinkle Maria Murdock and her crew are threatening the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals to guard a creature often called the “Ganymede Sea Rat” which seems of their brand. The Ganymede Sea Rat is seemingly eaten as a delicacy, with Murdock declaring that they’ll infect the whole inhabitants of Ganymede with a harmful virus (that turns individuals into monkeys) until consuming the Sea Rat is made unlawful.


Whereas the majority of the episode offers Spike and the rest of the Bebop team stopping Murdock and the virus, it is necessary to not gloss over the Sea Rat’s existence in the first place. To be referred to as the “Ganymede Sea Rat” and wish safety on Ganymede means that the Sea Rat is a creature native to Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter. That will imply that, regardless of having not left the Earth’s photo voltaic system, the human race was capable of finding different life that seemingly developed independently only a few million miles away. It is also noteworthy that the Sea Rat is edible, suggesting it’s fairly just like life on Earth, or not less than related sufficient that some vitamins will be absorbed from it.

What Makes Ganymede’s Sea Rat Reasonable?


Regardless of the monkey virus being utter nonsense scientifically talking, the Sea Rat is definitely a reasonably sound idea. In reality as in Cowboy Bebop, Ganymede is a big moon of Jupiter that is identified to have frozen water on it and is believed to have underground oceans. Whereas Jupiter’s moon Europa often will get essentially the most consideration for presumably housing life on account of having liquid water detected beneath the ice, there is a chance that life may certainly exist on Ganymede. If it did exist, Ganymede’s native lifeforms would probably nonetheless be very small–like, say, the dimensions of a rat.

It is identified in Cowboy Bebop‘s future that plenty of terraforming (modifying worlds to make them extra Earth-like) has occurred, and a part of any terraforming plan for Ganymede would contain melting a lot of the ice to create surface-layer seas. Melted ice seas would supply loads of water to be used by human settlers and assist construct up extra of an environment on Ganymede, which in actuality would not have a lot of air. A creature that was beforehand residing in underground or frozen-over lakes would take to those seas simply, so even calling it a “Ganymede Sea Rat” makes plenty of sense.

Cowboy Bebop may not make a big deal of this reality, however, the takeaway is that the setting has had alien life current alongside. It is probably not clever life like most individuals think about once they hear “alien,” however the discovery of any life on Ganymede can be enormous… and naturally individuals would need to eat it.

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