Did Shalin Bhanot Touch Soundarya Sharma in an inappropriate manner ? Manya Singh Reveals

Bigg Boss 16: In Bigg Boss 16, entertainment and action is increasing continuosly. Bigg Boss is very active this season and he is taking part in everything which is happening in the house of Bigg Boss. This time, Bigg Boss is leaving no chance to tease the contestants and give them some interesting and challenging surprises. The same happened on Thursday when Bigg Boss tell all the contestants that they have bored Bigg Boss as they were not feeling fresh even in the afternoon. Bigg Boss says that he want all the contestants to entertain him with the gossips of BB house.

Manya says, “She should’ve raised her voice then”

He gives a task to all the family members of Bigg Boss house and tells them they have to come to confession room one by one and tell him any interesting gossip about the Bigg Boss members. Bigg Boss says, “Every time when the chimes play, any one of you has to come to the confession room and tell me an interesting gossip about the contestant.” Manya Singh went to the confession room after hearing the sound of chime. She told gossip about Soundary Sharma, Gautam Vig and Shalin Bhanot.

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Manya says, “I feel that Soundarya is playing victim card. She gets closer with the people who are in power.” Manya further adds, “When Shalin kissed Soundarya then Shalin told that Soundarya kissed him first. Gautam was very upset with this and he believes that Shalin was telling a lie because Soundarya told him that it was inappropriate.  I am not questioning Soundarya’s character but if she felt that Shalin was misbehaving with her then she should raise her voice because if the same happened with me then I will raise my voice at the same time. I will stand for myself.”

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