Dragon Ball Z Fans Were Robbed of One Important Fight

While Dragon Ball Z has no shortage of unbelievably awesome and groundbreaking, brutal fights throughout the series, there is one battle that manga fans were robbed of–one that would have actually been really important to see.

The entire Dragon Ball mythos primarily revolves around two things: finding the Dragon Balls and fighting. In the original series, readers follow Goku and Bulma as they travel across the world searching for Dragon Balls, only stopping to take down some low-level villains who were either being oppressive to a group of people in some way or were just standing in the way of Goku and Bulma’s mission. As the series progressed, that plot-point remained virtually unchanged, it was simply elevated to all-new heights. Instead of Goku fighting a giant bunny who can turn people into carrots, he was battling intergalactic dictators with the power to destroy entire planets without breaking a sweat. From childhood heroism to universal savior, Goku and the Z-Fighters have seen their fair-share of battles–yet fans weren’t able to see one of the most important ones.


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In Dragon Ball chapter 480 by Akira Toriyama, Majin Buu is flying around the globe decimating entire cities and killing millions, if not billions, of people. To make matters worse, both Goku and Vegeta are dead, with Gohan presumed dead as well. This means that the only fighters left on Earth who have any chance of defeating Buu are Goten and Trunks. However, neither of the Saiyan children are strong enough to challenge Buu alone, but they did have one trick up their sleeve: fusion. Before Goku died (or, more accurately, had to return to the afterlife after coming back to Earth for a single day) he taught everyone the Fusion Dance which, if done perfectly, allows two people of equal strength to not only combine their power, but also become an entirely new person with a power level immensely greater than simply a combination of the two. In this chapter, Goten and Trunks are trying over and over again to get the Fusion Dance right, and at the very end, they finally get it right and become, for the first time, Gotenks.

DBZ Didn’t Show Gotenks’ First Fight with Majin Buu

DBZ fans robbed of one important fight.

The fusion of Goten and Trunks was built up a great deal leading into this chapter. Goku said multiple times that Gotenks is the only hope the world has at defeating Buu since he had to return to the afterlife, Vegeta was dead, and Gohan was presumed dead. Not only that, but the training and practicing of this technique was shown in great detail, only highlighting its importance. Then, in this chapter, Goten and Trunks finally merge correctly and then immediately take off to fight Buu. But, a few panels later, Gotenks returns with bumps and bruises all over his body, saying that Buu kicked his butt in a manner that was almost humorous if it wasn’t so infuriating.

The first fight between Gotenks and Buu should have been one of epic proportions akin to that of SSJ1 Goku vs Frieza. Not only was Gotenks the first Saiyan-fusion character ever shown, but his significance was built up so much that his breakout battle against Majin Buu should have been one for the ages. Instead, it was played off as a joke with the next chapter beginning with Buu murdering millions more people without opposition–an annoyingly underwhelming, if not non-existant payoff to what should have been one of the most important fights in Dragon Ball Z history.

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