Dragon Ball’s First God of Destruction Wasn’t Beerus

Whereas many followers suppose Dragon Ball Tremendous launched the concept of Gods of Destruction with Lord Beerus, they’d be incorrect, and Dragon Ball GT proves it.

Whereas many Dragon Ball followers would contemplate Lord Beerus to be the primary God of Destruction launched within the collection, that wouldn’t truly be correct as Dragon Ball GT confirmed the existence of such deities lengthy earlier than the occasions of Dragon Ball Super–effectively, form of.

Lord Beerus was launched in Dragon Ball Tremendous chapter 1 by Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou as an elder area god whose solely goal within the universe was to maintain life in verify by usually (and randomly) destroying planets. Whereas Beerus was supposed to stay neutral, his love of delicacies nearly at all times dictated his actions when it got here to destroying a planet or not. If a world had meals he favored, Lord Beerus greater than possible wouldn’t destroy it. Nonetheless, if he ate one thing on a planet that repulsed him (or simply wasn’t precisely good for no matter temper he was in), Beerus would blow up the entire world and not using a second’s hesitation. Despite the fact that Lord Beerus put his personal spin on it, this was the job of a Destroyer God, and Lord Beerus performed the function to perfection (minus the truth that he would usually abandon his duties for extended slumber). Whereas the existence of Lord Beerus in Dragon Ball Tremendous actually painted a clearer image of what a Destroyer God is and what their duties are, the concept of Gods of Destruction throughout the Dragon Ball universe was not launched in Tremendous.


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In Dragon Ball GT season 1, episode 11 (written by Masashi Kubota, directed by Osamu Kasai, produced by Toei Animation), Pan has infiltrated the temple of a cult on a far-off alien world whereas trying to find one of many Black Star Dragon Balls. Beforehand on Dragon Ball GT, Goku, Trunks, and Pan set out in a spaceship by means of the cosmos searching down the Black Star Dragon Balls. Nonetheless, whereas on their journey, the workforce was cut up up and Pan discovered herself alone in an odd and harmful world. Fortunately, Pan was additionally with the newly-sentient Dragon Radar named Gill who advised her that the cult’s temple contained the Dragon Ball she was after. Sadly, the temple additionally contained one thing else–one thing way more sinister: the God of Destruction, Lord Luud.

Lord Luud was Dragon Ball’s First God of Destruction, Not Lord Beerus

Beerus wasn't Dragon Ball's first God of Destruction.

The Luud Cult is a company that worships Lord Luud–an entity that’s solely described as being an omnipotent “God of Destruction” as that precise description is claimed a number of occasions by various Lord Luud’s disciples. Nonetheless, whereas Lord Luud carries the title of a God of Destruction, Dragon Ball GT later confirms that Luud isn’t a deity in any respect, however is definitely an excellent {powerful} android referred to as a Mutant Machine. This reveal that Lord Luud was truly a extremely superior robotic was stunning to not solely members of the cult who dedicated their lives to this Destroyer God, however to followers as effectively who thought they have been getting a deeper glimpse into the otherworldly side of the Dragon Ball mythos–although the truth that there was a legit following for a God of Destruction, pretend or not, proves it wasn’t all for nothing.

Whereas Lord Luud ended up being an imposter, the very fact stays that the concept of Gods of Destruction was first introduced up in Dragon Ball GT and wasn’t one thing distinctive to Tremendous. Plus, this GT storyline created a complete faith round worshiping Gods of Destruction, which means this perception system is a longtime theology inside this universe. Not solely that, however Lord Beerus’ later inclusion in Dragon Ball lore truly offers credibility to the truth that Dragon Ball GT did beat Dragon Ball Super to the punch as his existence confirms that the Luud Cult did have the correct thought in worshiping Gods of Destruction since they are surely on the market–an concept that was first launched with Lord Luud, not Lord Beerus.

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