Even Dragon Ball Fans Missed the Series’ Perfect Saiyan Killer

As Dragon Ball’s greatest heroes prepare to battle the deadliest threat on the planet, they come across the series’ perfect Super Saiyan killer.

Throughout the entirety of the Dragon Ball series, it always seemed as though nothing could beat the unparalleled power of the Super Saiyan–though there is one lesser-known villain who is the perfect Super Saiyan killer, and fans totally missed it.

While the term ‘Super Saiyan’ was brought up a number of times before the official introduction, fans were first introduced to a Super Saiyan during Dragon Ball Z’s Frieza Saga. While Goku was in the middle of his iconic battle with the intergalactic tyrant, Frieza killed one of his close friends and allies, Krillin, right in front of him. Blinded by rage with a pure heart to guide it, Goku unleashes all the power he can muster and achieves the legendary transformation of Super Saiyan. After this fateful event, many other Saiyan warriors were shown using the transformation, including Vegeta who used it to kill Android 19 with ease and Trunks who used his power to finish Frieza like it was nothing. With these examples it is clear to see that even after Goku unleashed the raw energy of the Super Saiyan, there were many examples afterwards of the form being incredibly powerful and immensely useful–but to one monster, that power is nothing but a tasty snack.


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In Dragon Ball chapter 451 by Akira Toriyama, Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, and Supreme Kai are on a mission to stop the villainous Babidi and keep the sorcerer from unleashing Buu onto the world. The Z-Fighters follow the villain and his mind-controlled henchmen to an underground lair where Babidi has stacked levels of increasingly powerful villains to fight the Z-Fighters as they make their way lower and lower into the lair. On one level, there is a monster called Yakon, and while on the surface he seemed like a scary-looking creature who could be easily defeated, he proves exactly how wrong that initial assumption is. When Goku powered up to Super Saiyan, Yakon simply consumed his energy and reverted Goku back to his original form.

Yakon Could Have Altered Dragon Ball’s Entire History

Dragon Ball's perfect Super Saiyan killer.

Yakon sucked out Goku’s Super Saiyan power as it is revealed that he is a consumer of light energy. While Goku was able to eventually overpower this villain since his strength was nearing the level of SSJ3 at this point in the series, there was a time when he wouldn’t have been able to bounce back so quickly. If Yakon had faced off against Goku when the Saiyan first unlocked the power of Super Saiyan, he would have been able to do what Frieza couldn’t and kill the Dragon Ball hero once and for all. Not only could Yakon assuredly defeat the first-gen SSJ Goku, but he could also seemingly defeat two other Z-Fighters who just attained that power for themselves around the time in which this chapter is set: Goten and Trunks. If Goten and Trunks went up against Yakon instead of Goku in this chapter, they would have been toast and Yakon would have had two Super Saiyan kills under his belt.

While Yakon’s power to absorb light energy is impressive, it does have a very clear limit. Basically, Yakon can kill any Super Saiyan he comes across by consuming their power and then killing them after they’re drained, but he can only do that to Super Saiyan 1. If a Saiyan is strong enough to reach SSJ2 or even 3, they can generate too much energy for Yakon to handle, and he’ll explode (as readers saw in this chapter). However, just because Yakon has a limit to how much Super Saiyan energy he can consume doesn’t mean he isn’t a serious threat as SSJ1 was the preferred transformation for a long time before SSJ2 was even considered possible, and the idea that the power produced by the Super Saiyan transformation can simply be eaten by a hideous monster is beyond terrifying–proving that Yakon is Dragon Ball’s perfect Super Saiyan killer.

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