For the first time, now Aamir Khan & Hrithik Roshan are all set to be a part of the Show?

Bigg Boss 16: The First episode of Bigg Boss 16 just aired on Colors channel and was a day filled with emotions, some fun elements, pranks as well as arguments. While this was the very first time when Bigg Boss himself got involved with the contestants and gave some guidelines on the very first day. (Like not playing a Bollywood number as a wake-Up Call and new rules for the caption of the house). While what caught people’s attention was when the contestants’ received calls from Aamir Khan and Hrithik Roshan who further gave them some Tasks.

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Aamir Khan gives an exciting Task to Shalin Bhanot

The housemates received a call from the ‘perfectionist’, that is Aamir Khan and gave Shalin Bhanot a task to jump in the swimming pool, that to thrice! He further gave this challenge to Shalin, as he called himself a ‘perfectionist’ and also claimed that he has the ability to replace Salman Khan as the host of Bigg Boss. So in order to challenge him, Bigg Boss gave him a challenge where he received a task through a call, in which he had to please Aamir Khan by showcasing his seriousness towards the task.

Hrithik Roshan Gives a Fun Task to Gautam Vig

On the other hand, the housemates received the second call from a man who claimed that he is Hrithik Roshan and further expressed his desire to have a word with Gautam Vig (As he had earlier claimed that he looks very similar to Hritik and people call him his duplicate). Later when Gautham picked up the receiver, he was given a task to take off his shirt and further asked to do a hook step of one of Hrithik’s track . He further completed the task and was appreciated for his effort.

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Later, Bigg Boss himself had a word with Nimrit (Who is the current Caption of the house) and explained that these were all Prank Class. (Which also indicates that these calls were from mimic artists). But it’s still not clear on who these people who called the contestants, really are. And if the housemates are going to receive such calls in the near future as well.

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