Frieza is Secretly the Biggest Hero in Dragon Ball Historical past

Even essentially the most informal of Dragon Ball followers know that Frieza is well probably the most despicable villains within the collection, however because it seems, that’s an unfair evaluation as–in a bizarre accident–Frieza really proved to be the best hero in Dragon Ball historical past given that everybody on Earth (together with Goku and Vegeta) owes him their lives.

Frieza was launched as an intergalactic tyrant who was accountable for militarizing the Saiyan race to broaden his personal empire earlier than successfully wiping the Saiyans out of existence. Except for Goku, the few Saiyans who survived Frieza’s extinction-level assault on their species satirically labored for the villain as they had been stored at the hours of darkness about what he did, although as soon as Vegeta came upon, he determined he wouldn’t relaxation till Frieza was useless–and this was the start of Dragon Ball’s Frieza Saga. In the course of the saga, Frieza terrorized and killed a variety of the Z-Fighters on Planet Namek whereas looking for the Dragon Balls of that world earlier than Goku powered up to Super Saiyan and defeated Frieza, seemingly for good. Whereas Goku was victorious in that battle, it got here at the price of the Namekian dwelling world and the lives of everybody who lived there. Fortunately, everybody was introduced again with Earth’s Dragon Balls and the Namekians discovered a brand new dwelling on New Namek the place they had been capable of forge extra Dragon Balls and start their life anew with the reminiscence of Frieza’s assault left up to now–although not utterly.


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In Dragon Ball chapter 513 by Akira Toriyama, Child Buu simply destroyed the Earth and everybody on it with Goku, Vegeta, Dende, Good Buu and Mr. Devil being the one survivors. Then, Child Buu adopted these survivors to the world of the Kais to complete them off as soon as and for all. On this chapter, Good Buu is battling his evil counterpart, Child Buu, whereas the Z-Fighters consider a plan to defeat the villain whereas additionally restoring Planet Earth. Ultimately, they resolve to make use of the Dragon Balls of New Namek and summon their Dragon, Porunga, to convey again the Earth and its residents. Whereas that plan appeared sound, there was only one drawback: Porunga might solely convey again one individual per want, and definitely not billions–at the least, that’s what Dende thought. Dende was a baby throughout the Frieza Saga, and he was aware of Porunga and the unique limitations to his magic. Nevertheless, after Frieza’s assault on their planet, the Namekians determined to energy up Porunga’s magic, permitting him to do extra with every want–and due to that improve, the Earth was saved.

Frieza Was the Cause for Porunga’s Earth-Saving Improve

Frieza is secretly a great DBZ hero.

If it wasn’t for Frieza, the Namekians would haven’t any cause to make Porunga extra highly effective as he identified all of the Dragon’s shortcomings–particularly when evaluating him to Shenron. The explanation Earth’s Dragon Balls had for use to save lots of the Namekians after Frieza blew up their home world is as a result of Porunga wasn’t highly effective sufficient to convey everybody again, however Shenron was. So, after seeing how rather more helpful Shenron was than Porunga within the occasion of an extinction-level assault on their individuals, the Namekians made their Dragon simply as robust.

Whereas Frieza’s actions in opposition to the Namekians had been unquestionably evil, this Dragon Ball chapter proves it was needed. With out Frieza, Porunga would have stayed on the identical energy stage and the Earth would have been misplaced without end–proving that, in a bizarre means, Frieza is definitely the greatest hero in Dragon Ball history.

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