Gautam Vij Nominates Gori Nagori, Mc Stan, Tina and Sreejita; Housemates Shocked

Bigg Boss 16: Almost every member of the house participated in the fight between Sreejita and Gori and even Bigg Boss did not like the kind of words used in that fight. Sreejita spoke a lot of things personally to Gori, calling her “standard less”. Due to which, the atmosphere of the house became very bad and Gautam had to take a decision being the captain of the house.

Gautam nominates Gori Nagori, Mc Stan, Tina and Sreejita

In the fight between Gori and Sreejita, some people supported Gori and some people supported Sreejita. But the kind of words used were not correct at all, so Bigg Boss called Gautam in the confession box. Bigg Boss said, “People from every state and community come to my house but the kind of words used today will disappoint the audience and I am also disappointed. Name the ones you feel guilty as a captain. They will be nominated this week. Gautam named Gori Nagori, Mc Stan, Tina and Sreejita. After his decision, along with these four Shaleen is also nominated to go home this week.

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However, Gautam came later and clarified his reason for nominating Sreejita and Tina. The members of the house were also disappointed by this, but in the end Gautam’s decision was important. Sajid also told about the groups in the house of Bigg Boss 16 to Nimrit.

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