Gohan is Secretly Accountable for Killing Goten & Trunks

Even though Gohan is among the biggest heroes within the Dragon Ball universe, he’s secretly answerable for killing each Goten and Trunks.

Gohan is among the biggest heroes within the historical past of Dragon Ball as he has no need to realize god-tier energy however as a substitute solely fights when it’s completely essential, although it appears there’s a restrict to his heroism as Gohan is secretly answerable for killing Goten and Trunks.

Gohan was launched at the beginning of the Dragon Ball Z period because the four-year-old son of Goku. Regardless that he was younger, Gohan was thrown proper into battle after Goku’s long-lost brother, Raditz, got here to Earth with villainous intentions. After Raditz was defeated, which resulted in Goku’s demise, Piccolo trained Gohan for a full year earlier than Raditz’s companions, Vegeta and Nappa, confirmed as much as decimate the planet. So, throughout the first few chapters of Gohan’s story, he’s already a seasoned warrior who has witnessed demise and skilled merciless tutelage–and issues didn’t get any simpler for him from there. Quick-forward to the Cell Saga and Gohan has reached a degree of energy that hadn’t been attained by both Vegeta or Goku. Quick-forward once more to the Buu Saga and Gohan does precisely the identical factor, solely this time with the assistance of a literal deity. Nonetheless, whereas Gohan’s power-ups have solely helped the Z-Fighters previously, his newest one throughout the DBZ period acquired Goten and Trunks killed.


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In Dragon Ball chapter 499 by Akira Toriyama, Gohan has seemingly returned from the grave as he was presumed lifeless all through the vast majority of the Buu Saga to this point. In actuality, Gohan was merely coaching with the Kais on their world in addition to having his latent talents introduced out in him to turn into the strongest model of himself with out extreme coaching. Up till Gohan reappeared, Goten and Trunks have been battling Majin Buu as Gotenks, and the amalgamated fighter even achieved Super Saiyan 3–which was fairly a feat particularly in such a brief period of time. Nonetheless, even with the immense power-up, Gotenks nonetheless wasn’t a match for Buu, which is why Gohan determined it was time to step in himself.

Gohan was Too Highly effective for Buu, so Buu Absorbed Gotenks to Get Stronger

Gohan killed Trunks and Goten.

As Gohan approached Buu, the villain sneakily despatched out a gooey piece of himself in the direction of an unsuspecting Gotenks to encapsulate the Saiyan fusion-fighter and successfully soak up him. By this course of, Buu gained all the ability of Gotenks whereas additionally taking over a little bit of Gotenks’ aesthetic. Whereas this was an incredible power-up for Buu, it was a hellish nightmare for Gotenks as he was primarily eaten by this monster, which successfully killed each Goten and Trunks within the course of–and it was all due to Gohan.

By coaching with the Kais, Gohan elevated the extent of battle to a divine commonplace which pressured Buu to do one thing as horrifically drastic as consuming Gotenks to realize his talents with the intention to match these of Gohan. Whereas it was essential for Gohan to turn into this highly effective as Buu proved to be probably the most critical menace any of the Z-Fighters had confronted to date, it additionally marked his brother and a detailed household pal for demise. Regardless that his intentions have been heroic and simply, Gohan nonetheless grew to become answerable for killing Goten and Trunks throughout one among the more grim Dragon Ball storylines.

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