Gori Nagori goes against the housemates and asks Sreejita De to Shut Up!

Bigg Boss 16: In the new season of Bigg Boss, Bigg Boss is also being seen in a completely new style. In the episode that aired on Thursday, Bigg Boss played a fun task by making all the family members sit together. Bigg Boss asks the housemates to choose the name of the member whom they want to silence. And to silence him, Bigg Boss chose a different method. However, Gori Nagori stood out in this game and gave her opinion against the family members.

Archana Gautam’s habit of speaking and fighting on everything is not liked by the family members at all. So he chose Archana. According to the task of Bigg Boss, whichever member the family members will choose, after selecting that member, they will have to say ‘shut up’ to that member. Gori Nagori initially chose Sreejita De and citing the reason said that she does not like Sreejita’s voice at all and her voice pricks Gori’s ear. However, all the members chose Archana Gautam and Archana later joked that my hashtag has become, “ShutUpArchana”. After this, Bigg Boss asked Archana to remain silent till his further orders as a punishment. Hearing this, all the family members were very happy but Priyanka looked a little angry.

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Bigg Boss later lured the chicken and made Shaleen Bhanot the speaker of Archana and gave him the task that as long as Archana is silent, Shaleen will convey her words to all the Bigg Boss members.

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