Gori Nagori picks up Shiv Thakare in her arms, loses the Captaincy Task

Bigg Boss 16:The new season of Salman Khan’s show Bigg Boss has started. A week has been completed for the new season of Bigg Boss. With everything changing this season, the timing and name of Salman Khan Weekend Ka Vaar has also changed. The new timing has been from Friday to Saturday. This time Salman Khan did a task with the members of the house on Saturday. He did “Saam, Daam, Dand, Bhed in this task. In the third phase of this task, the host of the show Salman Khan used ‘Dand’.

Gori lifts Shiva Thakare

In the third phase of this task, “Punishment” was given. Salman asked all the members of the house to name a member who should not be a contender for the captaincy. After this, the contestants chose the member. The current captain of the house, Nimrit,  Gori, Sreejita Das and Abdu were chosen the maximum number of times. After that, they had to choose one member each. Gori chooses Shiv, Sreejita chooses Priyanka, Nimrit chooses Gaurav and Abdu chooses Sajid to lift. But Salman changed the game and said that now you have to lift your chosen contestant in your lap and the one who dropped it first is out. All the contestants were showing their strength but in the meantime Gori’s courage was failed in front of other contestants and she got out quickly.

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Along with this, Salman Khan told that Gori does not deserve to be the captain this week. On Saturday, Rashmika and Neena Gupta arrived to promote their film ‘Goodbye’ to meet the Bigg Boss contestants, which is released in theaters on 7th October.

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