Gori Nagori the new villain of the House?

Bigg Boss 16: ‘Haryana Ki Shakira’, Gori Nagori is trying her level best to make her presence felt inside the house. But then she is somewhat failing to do so. While last week, Gori Grabbed headlines when she was called ‘Standardless’ And ‘classless’ by Sreejita De, who just got evicted this week. It was only MC Stan who took stand for her and fought with the housemates for targeting the dancer.

While a new promo has been released which shows the commencement of a high voltage task (In order to become the New Captain). In one of the clips, Ankit can be seen snatching a bucket from Gori Nagori, with the latter getting hurt and falling down in the end.
While that’s not the only thing that the audience noticed, but her attitude towards Priyanka (in yesterday’s episode) is also something that the audience disliked and now people are calling her the new ‘villain’ of the House.

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Gori Nagori fight With Priyanka Chahar in Bigg Boss 16

A fight emerged between Gautam Vij and MC Stan related to house duties. Later, Priyanka also went to Gautam and tried to covey that there are a lot of housemates who are somehow running away from their duties.

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To this, Gori started to go personal and ‘taunted’ Priyanka that it’s her who does the least amount of work and poking their nose in other people’s jobs is really not appreciated.
To this, Priyanka got really upset and didn’t like a such negative response from Gori’s side (who she considered as her friend).
Later Gori Goes on to say that she will continue to talk about people, in front of them and even behind their backs!

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