Hunter x Hunter Confirms Its Most Mysterious Villains’ Actual Motivation

The Phantom Troupe are a few of Hunter x Hunter’s most mysterious and iconic characters, however the manga is lastly revealing their cause for being.

Warning! Accommodates spoilers for Hunter x Hunter Chapter 397!The Phantom Troupe have at all times been a few of Hunter x Hunter‘s most mysterious and compelling villains, and the most recent chapter is lastly displaying off their driving motivation. Sequence creator Yoshihiro Togashi has at all times excelled at creating advanced and iconic villains, just like the tragically human Chimera Ant Meruem. However whereas Meruem was so compelling as a result of readers acquired to see his total life and progress, the Phantom Troupe has at all times been fascinating due to how little was identified about them.


The Phantom Troupe first appeared within the Yorknew Metropolis arc, though they’d been talked about beforehand because the murderers who massacred Kurapika’s total clan. With hanging character designs and engaging powers that surpassed something the protagonists of the sequence had confronted beforehand, they immediately turned fan favourite characters. After the events of Hunter x Hunter’s Yorknew City arc, they remained energetic within the sequence, being featured within the following arcs even when they weren’t a significant focus of them. However whereas it was clear that the Troupe considered one another as a household, their cause for committing crimes was nonetheless unknown. The newest chapter is altering this.

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Chapter 397 continues a flashback delving into the origins of the Phantom Troupe. Initially, the group joined collectively as kids to type an performing Troupe that might unfold pleasure to the opposite kids in Meteor Metropolis, the dystopian metropolis by which they lived. However the metropolis is tormented by kidnappers and murderers and ultimately, one member of the Troupe, a joyful lady named Sarasa, is kidnapped and brutally killed. This act causes the Hunter x Hunter’s Troupe leader Chrollo Lucifer to alter the Troupe into an instrument of vengeance, devoting themselves to gaining the talents they should monitor down and destroy Sarasa’s killers. This can be a brilliantly tragic origin that brilliantly recontextualizes the group’s dynamics.

The Phantom Troupe’s Motivation Recontextualizes Their Dynamics

Chrollo Explains the Phantom Troupe's Purpose in Hunter x Hunter

In Yorknew Metropolis after Kurapika killed a Phantom Troupe member named Uvogin, the opposite members of the Troupe took it very critically, wreaking havoc on town of their quest to seek out out who killed him. Given their origin, this response is smart. Uvogin was like household to them and their complete cause for being is to avenge one other Troupe member’s loss of life in any case. This additionally contextualized their present hunt for Hisoka after the clown killed two extra of their quantity.

Given the heavy concentrate on the Phantom Troupe in the Succession Contest arc, this flashback offers some welcome depth to their current actions. Additionally, on condition that extra Phantom Troupe members will possible die of their eventual battle with Hisoka, it deepens that inevitable tragedy, rising what the Troupe has misplaced of their quest for revenge. It looks as if the subsequent couple chapters of Hunter x Hunter will proceed to concentrate on their backstory, so it will likely be fascinating to see how the Phantom Troupe goes about avenging Sarasa’s loss of life of their early days.

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Hunter x Hunter Chapter 397 is on the market to learn from Viz Media.

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