Is Madonna Gay? Singer-Actress Posts a Quirky Video that Sparks Speculations. Watch

Madonna: Users of TikTok learned unexpected news. It appears that singer-actress Madonna, 64, has come out as homosexual in a new video posted on social media. That’s right, the mother of six uploaded a video of herself partaking in the “If I Miss, I’m Gay” joke, and it quickly went viral on social media.
Scroll down to watch the video, which was captured in the artist’s bathroom, and read some of the fan reactions, including why some online users think the singer is no longer in the closet.

A pink-haired Madonna can be seen attempting to toss a pair of fuchsia pink pants* in the trash as part of a recent TikTok fad. As the 64-year-old musician attempted to throw the underpants into the open can, but failed, the words “If I miss, I’m Gay” flashed over the screen. The actress then raises her hands in acknowledgment and turns to playfully face the camera while holding her hands on her hips.

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Watch Video:

Netizen’s reaction

Many admirers have reacted on the singer’s new video and why they believe she is coming out on various social media networks. “Did I just witness Madonna come out, excellent for her,” one person wrote. Welcome (the rainbow emoji), said another. “Madonna being homosexual totally aligns with my tween fascination with Ray of Light like what did I know about using religion to substitute desire, oh wait,” said a third.

“Congratulations @Madonna..” was the message sent by a fourth fan. I’m relieved that the enduring mystery has been resolved, allowing us all to go on. Numerous other girls will ultimately have the confidence to confess that they are lesbian and simply don’t care about men, rather than that they truly struggle in relationships. “People are like… wait, did Madonna really come out as gay?” said another. And I think, “Ugh, didn’t we experience this in the 1990s?” “I did not expect to wake up and discover that Madonna is homosexual like this but SLAY,” said a fifth.

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The 64-year-old singer has experimented with her sexuality previously. She is primarily said to have dated men, but there have been been stories of her dating women. The “Material Girl” singer is said to have dated nightclub owner Ingrid Casares in the early 1990s and to have been related to model Jenny Shimizu. The actress and Tokischa recently engaged in passionate grinding for a remix of one of her big songs.

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