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Isekai Walking also known as Walking in Another World is an ongoing manga series by Aruku Hito and Ogawa Kei that falls into the Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen, and Isekai genres. On, it had 2.5 million views and a rating of 4.71/5 from 1335 votes as of April 18, 2023. The plot revolves around a protagonist who is transported to another world and embarks on an adventure filled with challenges and dangers. Despite the fact that the protagonist is a stranger in this new world, he strives to adapt and survive, meeting new allies and enemies along the way. This series promises to be an exciting read for fans of the Isekai genre, with its mix of fantasy and adventure.

TitleIsekai Walking
AlternativeWalking in Another World, 異世界ウォーキング
Author(s)Aruku Hito, Ogawa Kei, 小川慧
GenresAdventure, Fantasy, Shounen, Isekai
Last UpdatedApr 18, 2023 – 13:18 PM
Views2.9 M
RatingMeabni. in rate: 4.71/5 – 1250 votes
Isekai Walking Chapter 21
Chapter nameLinkUploaded
Chapter 21Click Here8 hour ago
Chapter 20: Love TriangleClick HereApr 11,23
Chapter 19: Subjugation CompleteClick HereApr 03,23
Chapter 18: Sora’s Home CookingClick HereMar 28,23
Chapter 17: The Legend Around SpiritsClick HereMar 21,23
Chapter 16: Village FeastClick HereMar 13,23
Chapter 15: Goblin SubjugationClick HereMar 06,23
Chapter 14: The Village IncidentClick HereFeb 27,23
Chapter 13Click HereFeb 20,23
Chapter 12.1Click HereFeb 11,23
Chapter 12Click HereFeb 09,23
Chapter 11Click HereJan 29,23
Chapter 10Click HereJan 29,23
Chapter 9Click HereJan 29,23
Chapter 7Click HereJan 29,23
Chapter 6Click HereJan 29,23
Chapter 5Click HereJan 29,23
Chapter 4Click HereJan 29,23
Chapter 3Click HereJan 29,23
Chapter 2Click hereJan 29,23
Chapter 1Click Here

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