Jin wins first Solo Award, RM’s Emotional Speech, All Details Here

BTS at Fact Music Awards 2022: The Fact Music Awards are an awards show hosted by The Fact and organised by Fan N Star that celebrates prominent Hallyu wave contributors. Since its inception in 2019, The Fact Music Awards has used objective data from Gaon, a team of judges, and the support and participation ratings of fans both domestically and internationally to choose its winners.

Jin’s First Solo Award

At the TMAs in 2022, Jin won the solo award. It was an amazing accomplishment, and the way he entered the stage was legendary. Similar to when Suga entered the stage to accept his producer award, however this time the members are carrying Jin on their shoulders as the rest pose as bodyguards! It was amusing to watch and hilarious!

Moving Speech by RM

“Very soon many things will be sorted out so I think we’ll be able to be honest with you about us. We’ll show everything we’re good at in Busan on October 15th, so please look forward to it and thank you again. ” RM stated. “He also said, “We love you. We missed you. Wanna play with you. We wanna see you. We wanna touch you. We wanna feel you,” He also mentioned. All of his emotions were visible in the tears in his eyes.

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BTS win Seven Awards

The band continued to win honours, taking in a total of 7 at the Fact Music Awards. the Global FanNStar Award, the FanNStar Choice Award (BTS), the Most Voted Artists, the FanNStar Individual Choice Award (JIN), the IdolPlus Popularity Award, the Artist of the Year (Bonsang), and the Grand Prize (Daesang).

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Endearing and Beautiful Monologue by Jungkook

The group members spoke extensively after receiving their honors. Jungkook added, “We will work hard to be your forever artist,” and “We are not done yet. “The ARMYs cheered for him thanks to the charming lines. The audience melted even as the host asked, “Is there anyone cooler than Jungkook?” and he said, “No you can’t.”

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