JJBA Stone Ocean’s Final Stand is the Excellent Image of its Villain

The villain of Stone Ocean has a Stand that adjustments a number of occasions within the sequence, however one in all its closing varieties is absolutely the embodiment of its wielder.

Warning: Spoilers for JJBA: Stone Ocean episodes 33-38The large villain of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean has been lucky sufficient to have a Stand that is regularly advanced to swimsuit his wants, but it surely’s his penultimate type that is really the proper match for Pucci.

Pucci’s unique Stand, Palesnake, allowed him to govern folks’s recollections and Stands by turning them into CD-like objects, which saved these ideas exterior the unique proprietor’s physique. He was even capable of take away Jotaro’s memories and Stand ability this manner, which he used to study extra about Dio’s Stand, The World, since Star Platinum had developed such related time-stopping skills. After the creation of the Inexperienced Child and its results on Pucci, nonetheless, his Stand started to alter.


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When Pucci summons his Stand at Cape Canaveral, it causes gravity to seemingly go loopy, shifting the path by which gravity’s pull dragged issues and inflicting something not firmly hooked up to the bottom to start falling endlessly. As Jolyne and her band get closer, they study that this gravity disruption is Pucci’s fault, and that the gravity’s pull is decided by the orientation of his feet–everything else is distributed in the other way. Pucci introduces his new upgraded Stand as See Moon, which resembles Palesnake however with extra armor-like options that match the Inexperienced Child’s look. Pucci’s Stand ultimately goes on to evolve again into Stone Ocean’s Maiden Heaven, a Stand that bears a resemblance to a centaur and has the facility to speed up the passage of time all throughout the universe.

Pucci’s Stand Makes Him the Middle of the Universe


Pucci, as a personality, is a particularly conceited man, a trait he shares with Jojo’s biggest villain, Dio. He is extraordinarily assured that every part he is doing is correct, and that destiny and future are on his aspect. He would not even see Jolyne and her pals as obstacles, however as stepping stones towards attaining his eventual objective. Pucci legitimately believes he is an important individual, and he talks about destiny as if it is a gravitational subject, pulling these destined to fulfill collectively. All this stuff thought-about, a Stand capacity that manipulates gravity and alters gravitational fields to be centered on him is perfect–his Stand makes him the middle of the universe, one thing which stays true for Maiden Heaven, the place all the universe is accelerating round him. Because the universe ultimately collapses and undergoes a brand new Huge Bang, there’s even a second the place he is actually the middle of the universe simply earlier than that second Huge Bang.

Whereas Stands are sometimes a mirrored image of a personality’s character and conduct in Jojo’s Weird Journey, few have been as on-the-nose as Pucci’s. It does add one thing distinctive to him as a villain, as its completely becoming nature regularly spurs him on and confirms his beliefs.

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The ultimate episodes of Jojo’s Weird Journey: Stone Ocean at the moment are streaming on Netflix.

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