Jodie Comer Tops the List. Here are the Top 3 Winners

Most Beautiful Face in the world: Science-based rankings of the world’s most beautiful faces have been released, and Killing Eve actress Jodie Comer came out on top, surpassing celebrities like Zendaya, Bella Hadid, and Beyoncé. Dr. Julian De Silva, a facial cosmetic surgeon, has prepared a list of the most attractive celebrities in the world. He employed a method that incorporated mathematical calculations to gauge physical perfection. According to his formula, the “Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi”, Comer has the most beautiful face in the entire planet.

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What is the Phi Golden Ratio?

The mathematical symmetry mechanism that drives our impression of attractiveness is called the Golden Ratio, sometimes referred to as Phi or the Fibonacci number. Leonardo Da Vinci, an Italian Renaissance polymath, used the Golden Ratio equation to realize that the closer a face or object is to this ratio, the more beautiful it is deemed to be. The premise behind the equation is that a face or body becomes more lovely the closer its proportions are to the number 1.618 (Phi).

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Jodie Comer- The most gorgeous woman in the world

Jodie Comer’s facial characteristics were found by Dr. De Silva to be just 1.3% off from having the ideal form. The Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi was determined to be 94.52 percent accurately predicted by Comer. She was followed by Zendaya, who scored 94.37 percent correctly on the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi, Bella Hadid, who scored 94.35 and Beyoncé, who scored 92.44.

Here’s the Calculation for top 3 most beautiful faces

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