Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Officially Reveals Dio’s Other Sons

Fans have already met Giorno, a son of Dio who ended up taking more after the Joestars, but as it turns out, he was far from the only child Dio had.

Warning: Spoilers for JJBA: Stone Ocean episodes 25-38Though long dead, Dio has continued to be a thorn in the Joestar’s side throughout Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Dio’s follower Pucci has been more than enough for Jolyne to deal with, but now there are three new villains to face, and they’ve got an even stronger connection to Dio: they’re his children.

After Jonathan defeated Dio back in part one, he was left decapitated in a coffin for nearly a hundred years, only being brought to the surface in 1983. Dio then had six years where he, now with Jonathan’s body, had free rein of the world before Dio’s big confrontation with Joseph and Jotaro in Egypt 1989, where Dio was finally defeated and killed for good. During that time, it was already known that he fathered at least one child, Giorno Giovanna, in Italy. As it turns out, Dio must’ve actually been quite busy during that six-year period, because he has at least three other children as well.


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In the “Bohemian Ecstatic” episodes of Stone Ocean, Pucci finds himself at a hospital where three men are all brought in at the same time. Each man drops an item, which rolls together towards Pucci. Pucci believes this to be fate, and so when one of the men wakes up and takes him hostage, he boldly stabs himself in the neck with the hostage taker’s scissors. This provides cover for the man to escape, but not before being intrigued by Pucci’s words and manifesting a Stand ability of his own. It’s revealed that this man, as well as the other two who arrived at the same time, all bear the Joestar’s star-shaped birthmark.

The Sons of Dio


Like Golden Wind‘s Giorno, none of these three men have any knowledge of who their father was, and all grew up without a father. It’s later revealed that all three have experienced long streaks of misfortune in their lives, which seem to have been driven by their burgeoning Stand abilities. Ungalo, the first to be dealt with, seems to have some major deformities to his face and has lived a life of drug addiction, drifting without purpose. Rikiel, the next, has suffered mysterious ailments and anxiety and panic attacks, and quickly becomes full of himself once his Stand is awakened. The last, Versus, has abandonment issues and has been wrongly imprisoned in the past, causing him to immediately latch on to Pucci’s description of Heaven, but only for himself. It seems Giorno really lucked out in the genetics department, since he managed to avoid most of these issues and manifest a Stand with some impressive abilities that didn’t negatively affect his life. By the series’ end, Ungalo is alive but comatose, while Versus is definitively killed by Anastasia, with only Rikiel’s fate left unclear.

It’s very interesting to see other characters who are technically Joestars, but haven’t been as fortunate as Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure‘s protagonists have been–which really isn’t all that lucky. It’s only a shame that Jolyne and the others never learn that these people are distant relatives of theirs.

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The final episodes of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean are now streaming on Netflix.

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