Ken Kaneki Really Lives On in Tokyo Ghoul Creator’s New Manga

Choujin X’s Tokio Kurohara and Tokyo Ghoul’s Ken Kaneki have been already fairly related, however now how they obtained their superpowers is nearly similar.

Warning: Spoilers for Choujin X chapter 33.1Mangaka Sui Ishida initially drew many parallels between Ken Kaneki of Tokyo Ghoul and his new hero Tokio Kurohara from Choujin X, however now he simply made their origin tales primarily similar.

Each tales have at all times been a few common human who transforms into their world’s respective eponymous super-powered beings via grisly means. Tokyo Ghoul‘s Kaneki turns into a human/ghoul hybrid when he will get the organs of a ghoul named Rize transplanted into him. In Choujin X, Tokio feels he has no alternative however to inject a serum of choujin powers into himself out of worry that he’ll lose his shut pal Azuma Higashi who’s already made up his thoughts to carry out the injection on himself.


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However chapter 33.1 of Choujin X by Tokyo Ghoul creator Sui Ishida has now launched one of many major elements of the choujin serum that Tokio and Azuma injected themselves with. After getting captured by the mysterious antagonist Noh Masks, Tokio is launched to a monstrous creature referred to as “the holy mom” earlier than being knowledgeable of the terrifying indisputable fact that the serum referred to as Xember was created from her divine blood, which makes them her kin.

Kaneki’s and Tokio’s Origins in Tokyo Ghoul and Choujin Are Related

Tokio and Azuma learn that they are kin to the holy mother in Choujin X chapter 33.1

In fact, not a lot is understood about this holy mom ever since she debuted in chapter 14 of Choujin X as “the creature of the tower.” In reality, she may not even be a choujin herself, which might make Tokio (and Azuma’s) expertise completely different from Kaneki since Kaneki turned half ghoul by getting the organs from an precise ghoul transplanted into him. Whatever the act that Tokio might have develop into a choujin from a non-choujin, he’s nonetheless the recipient of one thing that got here from one other creature’s physique, a transaction that led to him remodeling right into a super-powered being.

In fact, there’s nonetheless one main distinction between Kaneki and Tokio. As a hybrid, Kaneki obtained distinctive powers that differed from most ghouls, which finally helped him develop into the One-Eyed Ghoul, and existed on a particular airplane that allowed him to function a bridge between each species. Extra importantly, how ghouls survive goes towards the very nature of people so Kaneki suffered consequently. None of those traits appear to be inherent in Tokio or Azuma, although, that is not to say they do not have their very own struggles. Choujin X’s Tokio has had more trouble than most tapping into his powers whereas Azuma has issue controlling himself in his choujin state. That stated, it is nonetheless early on within the manga so Choujin X might reveal within the coming chapters that each of their struggles are proprietary to beast choujin or as kindred of “the holy mom.” As soon as that occurs, Tokio and Kaneko will develop into much more of the identical character. However, proper now, how they achieved every of their respective powers are actually nearer than ever, additional strengthening Choujin X’s ties to Ishida’s beloved Tokyo Ghoul sequence.

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