Luffy’s Gear Fifth Lastly Makes Its Overpowered Return

Luffy’s Gear Fifth returns in One Piece to battle Rob Lucci’s woke up type, and the Straw Hat captain’s final type continues to be overpowered.

Warning: SPOILERS for chapter #1069 of One Piece

Luffy’s Gear Fifth lastly returns in One Piece, making its second look since its debut within the battle in opposition to Kaido in Wano. The captain of the Straw Hat Pirates reveals that he’s now in a position to totally management the awakening of his Devil Fruit and that this method is as overpowered because it was in its first look, simply dominating one other woke up Zoan consumer, Rob Lucci.

The looks of Gear Fifth in One Piece was probably the most thrilling and talked about moments in your complete collection. Not solely followers had been ready for years to see the following step in Luffy’s evolution, however the look of Gear Fifth additionally revealed a long-held secret about the origins of Luffy’s Devil Fruit. The powers of the legendary Solar God Nika are not like something that was ever seen within the collection (and nonetheless need to be defined in full), as they provide Luffy ‘full freedom’ to govern the world round him, turning every little thing right into a slapstick cartoon. There was nonetheless the query, nonetheless, if Luffy may entry these powers at will, or if they might solely be used as a final resort because it occurred through the battle with Kaido.


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Chapter #1069 of One Piece solutions the query clearly by exhibiting Luffy instantly going into Gear Fifth after starting a battle with an old enemy, Rob Lucci. Together with the opposite members of the highly effective CP0 group, Lucci has arrived at Egghead Island to eradicate Dr. Vegapunk below orders of the 5 Elders of the World Authorities. They weren’t conscious of the presence of the Straw Hat Pirates on the island and, in opposition to higher counsel, Lucci begins a struggle with Luffy, who beat him two years earlier than after a dramatic battle in Enies Foyer. Luffy instantly shows Gear Fifth’s loopy antics seen within the battle in opposition to Kaido. Even if Lucci additionally managed to awaken his Zoan Satan Fruit, Luffy appears to have the higher hand, not less than for now.

One Piece Confirms That Luffy Can Use Gear Fifth Each time He Needs

The looks of Gear Fifth arouses the curiosity of Dr. Vegapunk, prompting him to supply the first, actual explanation of the origins of Devil Fruits in One Piece. Vegapunk confirms that the Gomu Gomu no Mi by no means truly existed, and that pretend title was solely a ruse to cover Luffy’s Satan Fruit’s actual energy: the spirit of Nika, a legendary god often called ‘the warrior of liberation‘ in historic occasions. Vegapunk says that Satan Fruits are the manifestation of humanity’s need for change and evolution, but it surely’s nonetheless unclear how this pertains to Nika. This chapter, nonetheless, confirmed that Luffy can activate Gear Fifth at will and that the crazy and cartoonish antics displayed against Kaido will certainly be his combating model from now.

Awakening a Satan Fruit causes quite a lot of pressure on the consumer, so Gear Fifth ought to not less than nonetheless have a time restrict till the collection proves in any other case. It is usually evident from Luffy’s battle in opposition to Lucci that followers of One Piece can wave goodbye to the Straw Hat captain’s dramatic battles. As One Piece‘s author Eiichiro Oda stated, Gear Fifth permits him to faucet into the extra comedic and ridiculous aspect of his story, so that is the model of fights that Luffy could have any longer.

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The newest chapter of One Piece is accessible from Viz Media.

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