Major Fight Erupts between Mc Stan and Archana Gautam with Stan calling her, ‘Ladki ki tarah Raho’

Bigg Boss 16: The Bigg Boss house has a long relation with fighting and debate. Some such small and big battles are seen every day in Bigg Boss house. From which the audience is also entertained and the real form of the contestants is also exposed. On Wednesday, a fight between MC Stan and Archana Gautam over a minor issue escalated and Archana was seen crying for the first time in the show.

Archana provokes Stan

Actually, MC Stan and Archana Gautam were talking while sitting with Shiva and Gori Nagori. Gori and Shiv were telling Archana that she does not answer anything to Gautam while he is playing a game with her very cleverly. However, Archana denies this and starts provoking Stan to say something to Gautam. But Stan remains silent. Archana tells Stan, “You don’t have the courage to speak to him, you can just sit quietly. If you have the courage, go and speak to him.” On this, Stan speaks abusing word to Archana. He continue that “I have a lot of courage to speak. I don’t feel like saying and what’s wrong with you. Why you speak these things all the time.” However, Archana got angry and started fighting with Stan and after Archana calling herself a lioness, Stan said to Archana “Ladki Ban Kar Raho”.

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MC Stan later said that if you stay with us as a boy, then listen to everything because I said that jokingly. Stan also said that “you only know how to play the women’s card.” However, this was a massive fight between Stan and Archana but Stan sorted out everything with Archana in the end.

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