‘Masooda’ Twitter review: Netizens call it a spooky affair, applaud Sai Kiran’s debut movie | Telugu Movie News

‘Masooda,’ the suspense horror thriller, hit the theatres today November 18. The highly talked-about film is directed by Sai Kiran. Starring Sangitha, Thiruveer and Kavya Kalyanram in the lead roles, the film revolves around demons taking control of the innocent victim.

The film, which already received favourable reviews from talented directors like Swaroop RSJ, Venkatesh Maha, Vinod Anantoju, Vivek Athreya and Sai Kiran, has been getting a positive response from cine-goers ever since it released in theatres with many expressing gratification over the film’s storyline.

Apart from the lead cast, the film also stars Subhalekha Sudhakar, Akhila Ram, Bandhavi Sridhar, Satyam Rajesh, Satya Prakash, Surya Rao, Surabhi Prabhavathi, Krishna Teja and Karthik Adusumilli in pivotal roles. Backed by Swadharm Entertainment, the film’s technical crew include music composer Prashanth R Vihari, cinematographer Nagesh Banell and editor Jesvin Prabu.

Well, as ‘Masooda’ becomes the talk of the town, let us see what Twitterati have to say about the film.

A Twitter user who loved Masooda wrote, ”#masooda A film that makes u feel the experience of the extreme levels of fear, pain, envy & optimism. I hope you’ll uplift, make it big & accomplished the attempt that made us give u the most experience of HORROR-DRAMA which you’ve never met before. LET THE FEAR GAME BEGIN. NAZIA.”

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