Mc Stan wins the first task of the show, Gets an advantage. Details here

Bigg Boss 16: The house of Bigg Boss is known for tasks and entertainment. In which all the family members participate and the audience is fiercely entertained. In Bigg Boss 16 yesterday, on October 4, Bigg Boss gave a task to Sajid Khan and today on October 5, Bigg Boss made all the family members a part of a task. Actually, we all know how famous MC Stan and Abdu Rojic are for their respective talents and their songs are shared by a lot of people by making reels. Bigg Boss also gave a similar task in the house in which all the family members had to make a reel.

Contestants made reel with MC Stan

The trend of reel started from Instagram reached the house of Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss gave a task to all the family members, in which Shiv was the manager of Abdu and Sumbul was the manager of MC Stan. In which, Shiv and Sumbul had to convince all the family members that they should get ready to make a reel by signing NOC with their artist. During this task, the house of Bigg Boss was seen being built in two parts. One part was with Sumbul and one part with Shiva. However, MC Stan won the task as more members of the house decided to reel with him. After this task, Bigg Boss has given a privilege to Sumbul and MC Stan, according to which they can change the bed of anyone in the house.

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However, there are many great tasks to be seen in the Bigg Boss house, so it will be fun to see who will stand with whom in the Bigg Boss house going forward. Because it doesn’t take long for relationships to form and break in the Bigg Boss house.

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