Mrs Teacher 3 Primeshots Web Series Cast, All Episodes, Watch Online 2022

Finally wait is over. Primeshots released the trailer of the most awaited web series Mrs Teacher on youtube. As always, aliya naaz plays the lead role in this web series. The genre of this web series is fantasy, drama, and romance. Currently, the Primeshots app releases web series every week. Everyone in the world loves the Primeshots web series.

Mrs Teacher 3 Web Series Watch Online

This is the story of a tuition teacher who gives tuition to the children of 12th standard at her home. This lady teacher charges more than other coaching classes and claims to complete the course in just 3 months. To know the whole story, watch Mrs Teacher 3.

mrs teacher 3 on primeshots 2022

Mrs Teacher 3 Cast

aliya naaz hot photos
1. Aliya Naaz

Mrs Teacher 3 Web Series Wiki

Name Mrs Teacher 3
Genre Drama, Romance, Fantasy
OTT Platform Primeshots App
Language Hindi
Release date 10 December 2022
Season 1
Number of episodes Episode 1, Episode 2
Episode Runtime 25 Minutes
Director Will Update soon

Release Date

Mrs Teacher 3 will be released on 10 December 2022, only on the Primeshots app. This web series has two episodes. Every episode length is 15-30 Minutes. Mrs Teacher 3 was released in the Hindi language.

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