One Piece Confirms That Kaido By no means Woke up His Satan Fruit

Warning: SPOILERS for chapter #1069 of One Piece

One Piece lastly solutions a query that has been splitting its fanbase for a very long time, by giving proof that the highly effective former Yonko, Kaido of the Beasts, never actually awakened his Devil Fruit. Kaido was the strongest opponent ever confronted by Luffy and the Straw Hats, so it was anticipated that he would additionally possess the best stage of Satan Fruit capacity, referred to as ‘awakening’. Nonetheless, the manga by no means brazenly said that Kaido was utilizing his woke up type, which sparked an enormous debate amongst followers, one that may lastly be put apart.


On the earth of One Piece, Satan Fruits are mysterious objects that give to individuals who eat them wondrous powers. Lots of the strongest fighters within the sequence have eaten a Satan Fruit, together with Kaido, one of many 4 Emperors, hailed as ‘the world’s strongest creature’. Solely a handful of Satan Fruit customers on this planet, nevertheless, have unlocked the last word stage of energy, referred to as ‘awakening’, which magnifies their skills in varied methods. Whereas Kaido has displayed various uses of his Devil Fruit, the Uo Uo no Mi, Mannequin: Seiryu Legendary Zoan, the manga by no means brazenly said that he was utilizing an awakening. This made followers query if Kaido really woke up his Satan Fruit, and if he did, why he didn’t use that energy in his battle in opposition to Luffy.

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Chapter #1069 of One Piece solutions that query as soon as and for all. On Egghead Island, Luffy and the Straw Hats have an opportunity encounter with CP0 and an previous foe, Rob Lucci, who additionally has a Zoan-type Satan Fruit (Neko Neko no Mi, Mannequin: Leopard). Luffy and Lucci instantly begin combating and, whereas the Straw Hat captain shows the power of his Gear Fifth, Lucci solutions by revealing that he has additionally woke up his Satan Fruit. The shape that he takes confirms that Kaido by no means really woke up his Satan Fruit. Lucci seems extra slender than his previously-seen Human-Beast type. Extra importantly, Lucci now has distinctive puffs of smoke round his shoulders that look rather a lot like these displayed by Luffy in his Gear Fifth type, proving that it is a widespread characteristic in woke up Zoan-types, which Kaido by no means confirmed.

Kaido Lacked The Inclination To Awaken His Satan Fruit

To know why Kaido has not woke up his Satan Fruit, regardless of being actually robust sufficient to do this, one has to look no additional than Eiichiro Oda’s notes concerning Gear Fifth, printed within the particular Street To Snigger Story vol. 4. There, Oda mentions ‘the facility of creativeness‘ as being a key side of Luffy’s awakening. This idea comes again in chapter #1069, when Dr. Vegapunk explains to the Straw Hats that Satan Fruits are the materialization of humanity’s wishes, making creativeness a actuality. Nonetheless, throughout his battle in opposition to Luffy, Kaido expressed his contempt towards Satan Fruits customers. In response to him, one of the simplest ways to face on high of the world is Haki, one other mysterious energy within the sequence, born not from need however from willpower. Because of this Kaido’s reliance on Haki made him much less inclined to totally grasp his Satan Fruit skills, together with the awakening.

This principle is additional supported by the truth that Kaido obtained his Satan Fruit from Huge Mother throughout the battle of God Valley, the place the 2 Yonko had been on the dropping aspect, and presumably solely ate it to save lots of his life and escape from that predicament. There are nonetheless numerous inquiries to be answered concerning Devil Fruits and their awakening. For instance, it’s not clear what the puffs of smoke imply, and why they’re a characteristic solely of Zoan-type awakenings and never of Paramecia too. For the second, One Piece followers can not less than put the Kaido Satan Fruit debate to relaxation, and concentrate on the unbelievable and thrilling revelations that the sequence is delivering with every new chapter.

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The most recent chapter of One Piece is offered from Viz Media.

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