One Piece Movie: Pink – Each Put up-Wano Reference Defined

Warning: Accommodates spoilers for One Piece Movie: Pink and One Piece volumes 101-104.Like many anime films based mostly on manga, One Piece Film: Red isn’t canon to the overarching plot of its sequence, however surprisingly sufficient, it does comprise some spoilers for the latter half of the Wano arc and past. Pink is supposed to function each a celebration of One Piece’s twenty fifth anniversary and the primary large story within the franchise because the manga enters its closing phases, so in that regard, it is sensible that it wouldn’t trouble hiding issues from individuals who solely watch the anime, however it’s nonetheless one thing of an odd resolution, regardless.


Regardless of the case, One Piece Film: Red is framed in a way that, for probably the most half, has its story happen after the Wano arc, and it is a breakdown of every reference that goes together with that concept. Some spoilers listed have been identified for as much as a yr at this level, and within the case of the primary spoiler being mentioned, it’s doubtless turn into widespread sufficient to the purpose that even an informal viewer would already be effectively conscious of it. Others, nevertheless, are both comparatively newer or just sufficiently big to be a significant recreation changer for the sequence, which makes their inclusion within the film all of the extra stunning, even when it was solely briefly.

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Jimbei Is A Member Of The Straw Hat Pirates

Jimbei in Wano

The primary post-Wano reference in 2022’s One Piece Film: Red, and certain the one that will be the simplest to acknowledge, is Jimbei being a member of the Straw Hat Pirates. Whereas Jimbei formally minimize ties with the Massive Mother Pirates within the Complete Cake Island saga, he wasn’t capable of be a part of the Straw Hats as a result of he and the Solar Pirates needed to keep behind at Complete Cake Island to carry off the Massive Mother Pirates whereas Luffy and everybody else escaped. Jimbei’s destiny was left unsure after that, however because the Straw Hats and their allies made their method to Onigashima, Jimbei appeared to help in preventing some Animal Pirates and formally joined the Straw Hat Pirates as their helmsman.

Helmeppo Is A Member Of SWORD


One other post-Wano spoiler in One Piece Movie: RED is Helmeppo being a member of SWORD. SWORD is a faction inside One Piece‘s Marines that seems to be tasked with happening covert missions, and with its authentic August launch date in Japan, Pink revealed that Helmeppo was a member of SWORD a number of months earlier than the manga would achieve this within the Egghead Island arc. Not a lot is thought about SWORD and the specifics of their operations, however they’re acknowledged to be rivals of CP0, one thing briefly alluded to in Pink when Koby and Helmeppo meet with Blueno, who has joined CP0 since his defeat at Enies Foyer (by way of Twitter).

Zoro’s Nice Grade Sword Enma

Zoro in One Piece Film: Red

As revealed in one of many trailers for One Piece Movie: Pink, one of many swords Zoro makes use of within the film is the Nice Grade Sword Enma. In alternate for returning Shusui to Shimotsuki Ryuma’s grave, Zoro was gifted Enma, one of many signature swords of One Piece‘s Kozuki Oden that was used to present Kaido his trademark scar. As a Nice Grade Sword, Enma is among the strongest swords on the earth, however Enma’s will forces the person to consistently draw out their Armament Haki whereas wielding it. Naturally, that may show deadly after extended use, however via his fights with Kaido and King, Zoro was capable of achieve management over Enma and make it his personal.

Zoro’s King Of Hell Three Sword Fashion

Zoro vs King in One Piece.

Along with Enma, one other spoiler involving Zoro is the looks of his King of Hell Three Sword Fashion within the closing battle towards Tot Musica. After determining easy methods to correctly wield Enma, Zoro turned able to utilizing the King of Hell Three Sword Fashion, a variation of his common preventing fashion that invokes the ability of Superior Conqueror’s Haki, one thing Zoro by no means realized he had earlier than by accident utilizing it towards Kaido. In One Piece King of Hell Three Sword Style is famous by the inexperienced aura that envelops Zoro’s swords, and with its energy, he was greater than able to overwhelming King of their battle.

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Sanji’s Ifrit Jambe Approach

Sanji using Ifrit Jambe against Queen

One other post-Wano reference in One Piece Movie: Pink within the closing battle is Sanji’s Ifrit Jambe approach. Throughout Sanji’s battle with Queen, Sanji mixed the ability of his Armament Haki with the cybernetic enhancements woke up by his Raid Go well with to create Ifrit Jambe, a extra highly effective model of his signature Diable Jambe that coats his leg in blue hearth. As soon as Sanji activated Ifrit Jambe, he was capable of defeat Queen in a matter of seconds, so it stands to purpose that Ifrit Jambe is his strongest approach but.

Robin’s Gigante Fleur Approach

Robin's Gigante Fleur

One other Straw Hat Pirate to have certainly one of their Wano arc strategies seem on the finish of One Piece Film: Red is the Straw Hat Pirates’ Robin together with her Gigante Fleur approach. After the time skip, Robin turned able to utilizing her Flower-Flower Fruit to create full copies of herself, and through her battle with Black Maria, Robin revealed a brand new model of the approach that creates an enormous copy of her to battle with. The dimensions of the copy makes it simpler for Robin to fall sufferer to her weak point of feeling any harm inflicted upon her generated physique elements, however the uncooked energy Gigante Fleur provides greater than makes up for it, particularly when it’s additional augmented into the highly effective Demonio Fleur approach.

Luffy’s Gear 5 Kind


The ultimate post-Wano reference in One Piece Movie: Pink, and undoubtedly the largest spoiler within the film, is the looks of Luffy’s Gear 5 form. After briefly dying towards Kaido, Luffy not solely comes again to life, however spontaneously unlocks the Woke up type of his Satan Fruit, which can be revealed to the viewers to truly be the Human-Human Fruit, Mannequin: Nika. Luffy’s Satan Fruit is acknowledged to be probably the most ridiculous energy on the earth, and positive sufficient, when Luffy makes use of its Woke up kind towards Kaido, which he dubbed Gear 5, he begins making every little thing round him really feel like a goofy cartoon together with his fixed goofy expressions and doing issues like stretching his environment like rubber, making individuals’s eyes come out of their heads, and even having his legs spin like wheels as if he had been the Street Runner. Despite the goofiness, nevertheless, Gear 5 continues to be an extremely highly effective approach that brings Luffy’s skills to their peak, and with its energy, he was lastly capable of defeat One Piece‘s Kaido and make himself often called one of many new Emperors.

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